Spiritual Exercise – Liberation

Spiritual Exercise - Liberation

The Mess That Set You Free

Alanis Morissette’s song, Thank U, functions like a gratitude prayer to the many unexpected sources of liberation in her life:

“Thank you India

Thank you terror

Thank you disillusionment

Thank you frailty

Thank you consequence

Thank you silence!”

It’s a testament to the way liberation comes from the most unlikely of sources, such as struggle, pain and mess.

So how about you? When was the last time you thanked the challenges and messes in your life for surprisingly setting you free? When has the thing you resisted ended up showing you the way to new life? Saying thanks for those moments starts with remembering.

So find a quiet moment this month and make Morissette’s song the centerpiece of your meditation. Set aside at least a half hour and play the song numerous times, long enough for the lyrics to wash over you. Eventually, one of Morrissette’s phrases will transport you back to a memory. Once you’ve arrived, spend some time with that memory and, in your own way, say thanks!

Here’s a version of the song that lists the lyrics in case you it helps you focus on the words:


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