Our values are directly connected to our social justice work. We believe in the interconnectedness of all creation and the oneness of the holy and in the underlying principle of universal love.
We covenant to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of all people and respect for the interdependent web of all creation of which we are a part.

Our community has a long tradition of working for equality, inclusion, peace and justice.  Our aspiration is to transform of ourselves, our congregation, and the world around us into a place of greater compassion and justice.

As a member congregation of the Canadian Unitarian Council, we are committed to work with members of the indigenous community on Truth and Reconciliation.  We are on the path towards reconciliation and we are in the process of consciousness raising.    Check the calendar for Reconciliation events throughout the year.

In 2018, the congregation aims to become a Green Sanctuary.   This is a major project aims to assess and address our impact on the environment as a congregation and individuals.  UCM will engage with the broader community to bring about meaningful change to protect our beautiful earth.

Our Social Responsibility Committee meets regularly.  Check the calendar for the next meeting,

There are many ways that UCM acts for a better world.  Join in!

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Pathways Community Housing was founded by Solel Synagogue, Streetsville United Church, and the Unitarian Congregation of South Peel to address the need for affordable housing in Peel Region. Our mission is rooted in the conviction that of faith that all human beings deserve to have their fundamental needs met.

The mission of Pathway is: To provide decent and affordable housing that nurtures community and well being of people of no, low, or modest income. Members of the Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga remain involved as volunteers on the Board and in the Community programs at Pathways.
The exciting news from Pathways is that they are currently looking for new opportunities to build affordable housing in Peel. If you are interested in becoming involved in Pathways Housing, contact John Needham by emailing

Pathway Community Programs – Volunteers from the Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga provide breakfast club. Pathway Community Programs is a non-profit organization, which operates and oversees the Audrey Pritchard Breakfast Clubs at two locations in Mississauga, at Forest Ridge and Arbour Mill. They provide nutritious breakfasts and lunches-to-go to children and youth of low-income families. A part-time coordinator for each breakfast club is assisted by volunteers. Approximately 1600 breakfasts and lunches are served each month by these clubs.

To find out more about these great volunteer opportunities, contact Erica Lautenschlager by emailing

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Our Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga has been sponsoring letter-writing campaigns, during and between Sunday Services every two months, since 2015 based on Amnesty International Canada advocacy cases. We try to write our letters in a respectful tone, and choose cases where there is some hope the letter might have an impact.

In the past couple of years, UCM has had letter-writing campaigns on a variety of international and Canadian causes such as:

  • The Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar and Bangladesh
  • Slavery in Mauritania
  • Evictions of Sengwer tribespeople from their homeland in Kenya Forest parks
  • Serbian government support of single male Syrian refugees
  • An ombudsman to ensure Canadian Mining companies respect human rights and indigenous property rights in Central and South America

In 2017, we focused on Canadian First Nations issues such as:

  • Signing by Canada of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • Ontario Government responsibility to clean up mercury pollution in Grassy Narrows
  • Canadian government respecting the Jordan’s Principle ruling to guarantee health and welfare services to First Nations children regardless of jurisdiction
  • Urging the Liberal government to meet promises for equal education funding for First Nations primary schools

There was a strong history of advocacy of Amnesty International cases at UCM and UCSP (Unitarian Congregation of South Peel) by our elder member Ken Noble for many years, and we in the current Amnesty group were inspired by his example to continue in his footsteps.

If you would like to join our Amnesty Group to help organize letter-writing or online campaigns or petitions, please contact John Rowell at, Doug Alton at or Kathy Stobie at

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On the third Sunday of each month, UCM takes up a collection for the Mississauga Foodbank.  We are a longtime supporter of the foodbank.  On occasion our children’s program volunteers in the warehouse.

The Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga has a long history of sponsoring refugee families to come to Canada.  Most recently we has assisted several families in Halton and Peel to come to Canada.

In 2011 the Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga (UCM) partnered with Credit Valley Conservation through the GreeninCorporate Grounds program. The goals of the UCM initiative are to:

  • Remove invasive plants
  • Naturalize with native plants
  • Reduce use of water
  • Provide habitat for birds, insects (bees, butterflies) and small mammals
  • Create natural barriers to reduce noise
  • Add a ‘rain garden” to catch and filter water run-off from the property
  • Add to the urban forest in Mississauga

Native trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants have been generously planted on the major berm, in the rain garden and around the side and front of the property. The plantings have created a beautiful physical barrier around the property line, replacing views of traffic and the parking areas with a colourful screen of native trees and shrubs. These provide a home for a variety of birds which add to the beauty and tranquility of the grounds.

Habitat has been created for song and ground birds, small mammals and, most importantly, to bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Monarch butterflies are found each fall sharing the New England asters with bees.

A “rain garden” or bio-retention cell in the parking lot collects runoff from the property. Plants and soil filter out pollutants so cleaner water flows into Lake Ontario, our drinking source.   This natural element offers an eye-catching view from our many windows in the Great Hall.

Funding for this initiative has come from donations from UCM members and friends, and two grants from TD Canada Trust Friends of the Environment. Donations of plant materials have come from Green Horizons David Suzuki Foundation and Credit Valley Conservation.   Canada Summer Jobs provided wage subsidies for two part-time student projects.

Volunteers are the backbone of the project. Over 60 volunteers have contributed to preparation, planting and maintenance of the Greening Initiative. Volunteers of all ages and abilities are involved and every contribution is appreciated.

For more information contact Michael Wheeler at

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The Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga acknowledges that we are on the traditional lands of the Mississauga of the New Credit Nation.

We are walking with all who are on the journey towards truth, justice, healing and reconciliation between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples. We welcome the opportunity to learn from those who have been on this path a long time, as well as others who have joined it more recently. We believe we are part of a wider learning community.

Some of our past events include participating in the Kairos Blanket exercise,   and learning about the intergenerational impacts of colonialism from Darren Thomas ,  a member of the Seneca Nation and university professor.

There are a number of exciting programs on reconciliation.

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The Unitarian Universalist Association’s (UUA’s) involvement in the United Nations can be traced to the early part of the 20th century. Both the Unitarians and the Universalists were active in the League of Nations Association and later closely monitored the creation of the United Nations.  The founding of the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO) can be traced to April of 1962.

The Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga is a Blue Ribbon Congregation.

In order to be a Blue Ribbon congregation, we undertake the do the following things:

  1. Have an Envoy, Youth Envoy, or Envoy Team.Envoys serve as the link between their congregation, the UU-UNO, and the United Nations. They promote UU-UNO education and advocacy in their congregations and bring local concerns to the international stage through the UU-UNO.
  2. Hold an annual UN Sunday service.In celebration of the founding of the United Nations on October 24th, 1945, the UU-UNO invites congregations to deepen their understanding of the United Nations by devoting one service in October to highlighting the work of the UU-UNO and reaffirming the connections between UU principles and vital issues dealt with at the UN.
  3. Have 15 members or 5% of your congregation donate.The annual contribution rate is $50 ($40 for ministers and seniors).
  4. Give the UU-UNO an annual budget line or collection plate. The offering at our UN Sunday service is donated to the UU-UNO!




  • UCM is a diverse and multicultural community of individuals ‘who are guided by compassion, reason and love on an individual search for truth and meaning’. “we collaboratively try to make sense of the world around us”

    David Armani
  • For Marc, Unitarian Universalism aligned much more closely with his views on life than the Catholicism of his youth, and gave him a community of people with whom to struggle with how to act justly in the world.

    Marc Xuereb
  • I love the great variety of people and opinions that can be found at UCM. I love that it's a safe space to engage in dialogue about things you might steer away from other places...



We strive to foster healthy relationships amongst and within UU communities
with the broader world and with all life



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