Spiritual Exercise – Equity

Spiritual Exercise - Equity

Choose an area of inequity that speaks to you, it might be racial or gender identity or related to people with physical challenges or another kind of systemic inequity.  Follow your curiousity and learn more about the issue.

Work to raise your awareness.  Pay attention in your daily life.  Watch television with a critical eye.  Read news media carefully.  How often is the group you have chosen portrayed as a stereotype?  Or not portrayed at all?

Take some time to meditate, walk, create or write about the experience of developing awareness.

Expect to be uncomfortable, even resistant. These are hard issues to consider. Think about how the Unitarian Universalist tradition can support you on this journey. Where might you go for spiritual sustenance?

 This report reminds us that personal transformation lies at the heart of social transformation – and that personal change is easier for people grounded by spiritual practices.

Here are some websites to start your journey:

Racial Equity Tools is a treasure trove of resources, find a couple that speak to you.

For more information about LGTBQ rights, visit Egale.

Interested in gender equity? The Canadian Women’s Federation offers insights into the status of women.A group in San Francisco is promoting ways to improve gender equity in the workplace.

If you are finding these exercises challenging, and don’t know where to begin, you may wish to begin by exploring what it means to experience white privilege.  Take your time and reflect on what you  have read – what new insights did this bring?  Does it change your perspective on your daily interactions?

Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack is a classic text which illustrates the privilege that comes with white skin.

Head to UU Allies for Racial Equity and learn more about the work we are doing as a religious community to dismantle systemic racism within our denomination.


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