Spiritual Exercises – Courage

Spiritual Exercises - Courage

Option 1) Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

We rarely give ordinary courage the honor it is due. On a daily basis, the threats we face are not the dramatic dangers of burning buildings but the insidious hazards of our routines. This reminds us that the enemy of courage is often not fear but safety.  Generally, routines support and structure our lives; but at times the routine can stifle opportunities to learn and grow. This month, you are invited to pursue the practice of ordinary risk and adventure.

The instructions are simple: Pick an activity that pulls you out of your comfort zone.

It might be something as simple as picking up the phone and calling someone you have lost touch with.  Or it might be an exotic experience you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t yet found the time.

Come to your group ready to share:

  1. Why you picked this activity – what was the risk for you?
  2. How was the experience?  Exhilarating?  Painful?
  3. What did you learn about comfort, risk, and courage?


Option 2)  Seeing the Courage of Others

We all have people in our lives who inspire us with their courage. But have we ever told them? We know how it feels to have our own courage noticed, so let’s offer that gift to others this month.  You may not know just how much they need to be acknowledged.

Write a letter, offer a gift, or treat a courageous person to lunch or coffee.

Find a way to tell someone that their bravery is seen and matters. It’s said that courage is contagious. But how would one ever know that their bravery has inspired many, unless we tell them so?



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