Questions on Liberation

Questions on Liberation

Have you become more or less free as you’ve aged? In what ways?

For you, what is the opposite of liberation? Have you experienced this in your life?

Is the strategy you once used to survive now leaving you with no room to breathe?

Do you need a new metaphor for your liberation? After all, telling yourself “I need to escape” is very different than “It’s time for me to finally leap.” Or maybe it’s time for you to “break free” or “let go” or “refuse to carry it anymore.” For some, liberation is found in “refusingto run away.” For others,it’s about “allowing myself to feel I deserve it.” How about you?

Are you trapped in shame? There’s a big difference between shame and guilt. Telling yourself “something is wrong with me” is very different than telling yourself “I did something wrong.” Do you know the difference? Could reminding yourself of it be the key to setting yourself free?

Do you need to ask someone to stop trying to liberate you?


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