Questions on Beauty

Questions on Beauty

Whether you participate in a theme group, or are exploring the theme on your own, don’t try to answer all the questions.  Chose one that stands out for you and consider it several times over the month.  Journal or make notes if that is helpful.  Try to go deeper with the question on each revisit, provide more detail or create more clarity.

When did beauty first teach you something? Describe the learning and the context in as much as detail as your memory offers.

Was there a time in your life when were you healed by beauty? Describe that experience. What has lasted from that time?

What makes a beautiful soul? Consider what qualities make inner beauty. What do you do to beautify your own soul?

What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?  How did you respond?

What did your family of origin teach you about beauty? How did it help or hinder? Have you had to re-learn beauty as an adult?

What’s something you know now about beauty that you didn’t know when you were 16 years old?


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