Spiritual Exercise – Rootedness

Spiritual Exercise - Rootedness

This month we are exploring what it means to be rooted in a place. We become rooted through time and attention, through building relationships. One way to do this is by spending regular amounts of time in one place.

Many naturalists have a practice of finding a Sit Spot. They find a place outside which they visit over and over again; for some daily, for others weekly. By visiting the same place in nature many times, you get to know the place in all kinds of weather, different times of day, throughout the seasons, and in various states of mind. You see the other creatures which inhabit the place and begin to understand it in a deeper way.

The exercise this month is to find yourself a Sit Spot, not necessarily outdoors or in nature, but somewhere where there is some activity – a favourite coffee shop, the public library, your front window watching the street, even the office cubicle. Pick someplace you like that is easy for you to access, so that you can visit it several times over the month. All you need is yourself and a way to take notes for this practice of observation and reflection.

Once there and settled in, practice silent attentiveness. Take a few minutes to observe all that is going in around you. Let your eye follow movement. Pay attention to all that is around you. Who is there using the space? What are they doing? Check in with all your senses, as well as what you see, what are you hearing, touching, tasting, smelling?

After a few minutes of silent attention, write down your observations. Or draw pictures.

At the end of the month, once you have been to your sit spot several times, review your notes. What did you learn, or understand about this place or the people that use it. Has this practice affected your relationship with this place?

Come to the theme group ready to share your experience.


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