Spiritual Exercise – Flow

Spiritual Exercise - Flow

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says “The similarities between yoga and flow are extremely strong; in fact, it makes sense to think of yoga as a thoroughly planned flow activity. Both try to achieve a joyous, self-forgetful involvement through concentration, which, in turn, is made possible through discipline of body.”

This month, our spiritual exercise is the exercise of yoga!  Take some time this month to practice yoga.  Commit to coming to our Monday Night Yoga for the month of February (begins at 7:15pm).  Speak to Pamela, our DLL, if you have any questions.

If you can’t come on Monday, and don’t already practice yoga, there are thousands of videos available on youtube for all levels of expertise and needs, from yoga at your desk – a quick stretching routine during your workday, to chair yoga for those with mobility issues. Videos can be a quick 10 minutes or a full hour of yoga poses.

Find an on-line yoga teacher that you like, and pick one video to work with this month.  Try and do the routine at least once a week, more often if you have time.  Flow takes practice!

The video below is from the YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene, check out Adriene’s many routines to find one that you enjoy.

Come to your group prepared to share your experience with embodying flow through yoga.



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