Questions on Creativity

Questions on Creativity

Do you know what are you building, constructing, composing, planting or recreating with your life?  We are all creative in our way, although the mode of expression differs.  What is your way – a well designed spreadsheet?  a well run meeting?

When was the last time you created (or helped create) something that will outlive you? This could be children, buildings, a garden… what is your creative legacy?

Who or what is in the way of your self-expression?  Is it yourself?  What do you need to shift to be honest about your creative yearnings?  Is there something that needs to change?

What stories did you learn about creativity growing up?  That it was only for art class and you were terrible at it? Or was creativity held up as a virtue?  What did you learn in your youth about being a creative person?

Creativity often arises from the inspiration of others. How often do you give yourself the gift of inspiration?  Do you need to seek more inspiration?



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