Questions on Courage

Questions on Courage

Choose a question and return to it throughout the month. 

Sometimes acts of courage are deeply personal, an emotional risk with another human being.  Is it time to bravely start trusting people again? Is it time to tell someone how scared you really are? Is it time to bravely admit, “I was wrong”?

Courage rests in your own integrity and truth telling. Where are you saying “yes” when you need to courageously say “no”?

Never give up!  This is often seen as the rallying cry of the courageous – to keep going in the face of all opposition.  But that isn’t the only form of courage.  Where might life be calling you to bravely let  go and walk away?

Instead of standing up and speaking out, is courage now asking you to sit down and listen?

Is there a situation where you are staying silent, but where your voice needs to be heard?  Is it time to speak out?

We can forget to acknowledge those with courage.  Who in your life needs their courage affirmed and celebrated? Who needs told that their courage is contagious and helping you be more brave?


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