Questions on Balance

Questions on Balance

Choose one question to sit with for the month.  Write down your first thoughts quickly, without judgement.  Then come back to the question a few days later and review and revise your response.

What if the problem is not about being busy and all those balls you’re juggling? Could the balance you seek be about connecting who you are within with how you use your time in the world? Are you sure that you are overwhelmed, or just out of alignment?

Each person’s healthy alignment looks different, depending on your situation, stage of life, values, and relationships. Where does your centre lie?  When have you found the still point that holds all you love and need in harmony, when your life is working well?  What did that feel like?

We struggle between our desire to save the world and savor the world. But what if it’s really a matter of listening better to both of them? How is what you savor calling you to save or protect something? How are your efforts to save world asking you to get better at finding moments of personal balance and joy?

Psychologists say we need a balance of work, love and play. Which of these three legs needs more of your attention?  What else do you need in your life to live well?  Have you become a one or two-legged stool?

Is it time to give up one of your passions or priorities so another can fully live? Is trying to balance them all cutting you off from connecting fully with any one of them?


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