Introduction to Resistance

Introduction to Resistance

Sometimes being a people of resistance involves struggle and requires us to disobey; other times it asks us to just be ourselves and not hide who we really are.  Sometimes it involves defeating the enemy; other times it is a matter of noticing that treating them as the enemy defeats us all.

Sometimes being a person of resistance is about fighting all the way to the top; other times it’s about picking yourself up off the floor and taking one tiny step. Sometimes it depends on the will to never let them win; other times it hinges on the wisdom to follow the path of least resistance.

It certainly takes the form of speaking our truth. But more often than not, it’s about the harder task of speaking the truth in love.

We all know being a people of resistance involves refusing to comply and demanding change, which requires great courage. But sometimes the most courageous thing is to stop resisting and accepting that things just aren’t going to work out the way we hoped.

Bottom line: being a people of resistance is tricky business and takes multiple forms.

Martin Luther King Jr preached that change requires a movement. Simply put, none of us resist alone. Or maybe it’s better to say that none of us have to resist alone. We all know what is it like to want to resist. Think of all those voices we hear in our heads and feel in our hearts: I’m not going to take it any more. I will not go along. I will not submit. I refuse to conform. I will no longer be numb.  I will not give up. I will not forget.  I will ignore it no longer. I will not turn a blind eye. And yet, we also know that those voices are hard to hear and hold on to by ourselves. The blessing, of course, is that we don’t have to hold on alone.

It is one thing to be told, “Resist!”  It is quite another to be told, “Resist together!” But often what we need most is simply to be reminded that we don’t have to resist alone.

May this be the gift we give each other this month – that we can resist together.




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