Invitation to Presence

Invitation to Presence

I don’t remember where I found this text, but it is one of my favourites to bring a group together, it begins

it is a blessing,
it is a blessing to be,
it is a blessing to be here,
it is a blessing to be here now.

To be here now, to be in full awareness of this moment, this matters.

This month we consider what it means to be a people of presence. Many world religions, especially Buddhism and Taoism, emphasize being aware and attentive to the now.  We are encouraged to live with deep awareness, present in our body, grounded on the earth, aware of all our senses, all that is around us.  The past is gone and can’t be changed, the future is not here yet, all we have is the present moment.  If we can be well in this moment, accepting all that is, we may find ourselves content. We may find ourselves resilient.

An ability to be present in the moment may also help us be open to a sense of presence, a sense of being part of something greater than ourselves, whether that is God or the earth or the mystery.  Being fully present in our bodies, in our senses, may help us experience deeper connections to others and the whole.

As we come into December, with its emphasis on the material presents under the tree, try also to be physically and emotionally present in your own body, experiencing fully what the holiday season means to you.  Is it a time of family connection?  Or quiet reflection?  Of serving others?  If you know what is most important to you, turn your whole self towards those experiences.  Be present, knowing it is a blessing to be here now.





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