Spiritual Exercises – Creativity

Spiritual Exercises - Creativity

Option 1) A New Trip to the Art Museum

A trip to the museum; It means many things. We go to check out the new exhibition. We compare the technique of the artists. We learn a little art history. Every eighth or ninth piece, we talk about being moved. But we rarely talk about the trip as a spiritual practice or think of what we’re doing there as meditation.

So give it a try: Go to your local museum to meditate.
That’s all the instructions we want to give. We don’t want to overthink it or have you overthink it. Part of the goal is to have you figure out what it means to you, what it means to use engagement with pieces of art as meditation.

Here are some resources to help you along your way:


Option 2)  Acts of Creation

You don’t have to know how to use a paintbrush or put words into poetry to be an artist. Creation is something we do with our very living. We are all composing numerous projects and pieces with our relationships, activism, parenting and jobs. And yet we don’t often think of our daily living that way. So this exercise asks us to put our life through this artistic lens.

First thing in the morning, set aside some time to ask yourself, “What is it that I want to create today?”

Maybe it’s a moment of joy for yourself or an experience of kindness for another. One day it might be “create an adventure”; another day it might be more tangible, something like an actual painting.  Or you might want to set a plan in motion. It might be something you were going to do anyway but now you’ve transformed your relationship to it by seeing it as an act of your creativity.

Come to your group ready to share how treating your day like a blank canvass changed the way you walked through it.






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