Media Resources – Kinship

Media Resources - Kinship

This video from the Cleveland Clinic reminds us all of the underlying experiences and emotions that make us kin.


In a world where the act of touch is reserved to those that people are comfortable with, this exhibit breaks through the stereotype and creates images that suggest that these complete strangers are close – like friends or family. In the artist’s words: “Touching Strangers encourages viewers to think about how we relate physically to one another, and to entertain the possibility that there is unlimited potential for new relationships with almost everybody.”  Follow the link to watch a video about strangers becoming kin, just for a moment.


A very brief explanation of the kinship system of Australia’s first peoples.



A TED Talk from Father Gregory Boyle about developing kinship among Los Angeles gang members.

A beautiful music video expressing the Lakota Nations understanding of “all my relations.”




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