New Ways of Being

Duty & Obligation

Speaker: | June 09, 2021

Rev. Fiona Heath     Presented on Zoom May 30th, 2021 I first started thinking about the notion of duty watching the funeral of Prince Phillip. Forever two steps behind the Queen, always...

A Living Tradition

A Living Tradition

Speaker: | April 18, 2021

Presented on Zoom April 18 th 2021 by Rev. Ben Robins It’s been a hard year. The pandemic is taking its toll. Day after day after day. Month after month after month....

Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga Chalice

5 UU Elevator Pitches

Speaker: | February 14, 2021

presented on Zoom February 14th, 2021 Rev. Ben Robins I wonder if you’ve heard of the writer Matthew Fox. Matthew Fox was a Roman Catholic priest, until he was kicked out for...

Betwixt and Between

Speaker: | April 16, 2020

Presented on Zoom April 12, 2020    Rev. Fiona Heath Hurry up and wait is hard. We live in a society in which all of our metaphors about a good life involves journeys...

A Global Deep Breath

A Global Deep Breath

Speaker: | March 27, 2020

Reflection: Meditation: March 22, 2020    Rev, Fiona Heath      Presented on-line Although I do not have a theology of heaven and hell, for a moment each morning before I turn...

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