Here are some testimonials by members and friends of UCM:


  • I love UCM for the wonderful atmosphere, the kindness of the people and the acceptance of me as a transgender person.

  • Members of the congregation have been warm and welcoming and have made UCM a place where we want to be.

    Dean and Heather Taylor
  • This congregation of active and open-minded people is important to me. I am happy to have found a healthy spiritual home for myself and my daughters.

    Kristen Antognini
  • As a parent, I love UCM for the rich experience of community. UCM helps my family be resilient, ethical and connected in today’s world. This is truly a religion for today’s modern parent.

    Susan Berry


Ted Kloosterman -Testimonial Sunday October 14, 2018

Why years ago did I become a member of this congregation Why am I still a member as of this date And give the reasons.

Let me start in the beginning.I was born in a Roman Chatholic family.My parents were God fearing people. Their Church was at the forefront of the family. As a boy I grew up by being an altar boy song in the choir. Went to the Catholic school Was a member of the boy scouts.To say it bluntly what ever we did it had to have a basis of Catholisism.

Even when I came to Canada at age 23 I still did consider myself a Catholic for quite a few years.When I was living in Toronto On Sunday’s I just to go to Saint Michael cathedral I started to slack of from religion in the mid seventees.Work was taking most of my time and as a young guy the thinking was I was on top of the world and nothing could happen to me.

So how and when did I get in touch with the Unitarian movement It started in the year 1999..Being diagnosed in 1981 as being HIV+ it really did not sank in to me what it all meant.My work was taken most of my time and energy Besides that health wise I was feeling good.It started to sink in years later when health problems started to crop up Spring 1999I had to face realityThe side effect of the drugs were taken its toll so much so that I had to go on disability.At that time I bacame involved in the HIV movement and over some 20 years I have done work in thee education Going to schools make presentation to kids in grade 10 to 13.Have done TV talk shows.Was president and treasurer of the organization.

I did retire a few years ago,the only thing I still do is 4times a year I make presentations to the medical students at Credit Valley Hospital How did I ended up in 1999 wi th the Unitarians It was at the time that you folks were embarking in becoming a Welcoming Congregation.And I was invited to come and speak as topic what does it mean Living with HIV

At that time I was in a not too good state of mind.Being on disability Rather poor health I was in need of some kindness and what better place to find it than under Unitarians.Needless to say I was impressed so impressed that I decided to return for a sunday service.What a breath of fresh air For years I had been dealing with Back Stabbing.bad mouthing discrimination etc At the presentation I was treated with respect and dignity, And this is years ago how I got involved with UU One other way I got involved was being ask to become a member of a committee.Lay chaplaincy The second question one can ask oneself.Why am I still a UU member after all those years,

There are many good reasons to practice once beliefs, For me the number one and most important are our SEVEN PRINCIPLES they are the cornerstone to our beliefs. Although they are all seven equally important for me some are outstanding.

1) respect the life and dignity of every person

2)practice active non violence

3)Defend freedom of expression

4)Share my time and material resources. As one gets older it seems that spirituality is becoming of more importance and often it start to take on the form of a organized and structured ritual Because I’m aware of my share of responsibility for the future of humanity.

The congregation as a whole for the children of today and tomorrow I also feel the importance to built on my own spiritual well being.I personally belief in a life after dead what type or form that may be. And so I feel to have a responsibility towards the spiritual organization I am part of I do exspect this spiritual community will nurture me in any shape or form. Good reasons to be a member of the Unitarian Church.

Because here we join with open hearts and minds to worship together seeking what is sacred among us, Because we are part of a long liberal tradition of reason and clearance of hope and liberation. Because here e acknowledge that revelation is never sealed and we enpower ourselves to search for new truths. Because here we nurture our childrens enthusiasn and encourage their questions. Because here we welcome diverse people and views Because here we join our strengh with others to create a more just society, Because here we respect the whole self mind body and spirit working together. Because here we encourage each other to be truth to ourselves. Because here we built a supportive community that eases our loneliness and open our hearts.

The inherent worth and dignity of every person




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