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Online Sunday Service: National Service at 1:00pm

We will all have a chance to sleep in on Sunday as there is NO morning service. Instead I invite you to join a special national service on-line at 1:00pm.
On Sunday, May 15, the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) and UU Ministers of Canada (UUMOC) invite you to immerse yourself in a meditative breathing ritual.
This national worship service will be like no other. Let go of your expectations. There will be no speaker, and we will not follow the usual order of service. Instead, rich, evocative music, images, and affirmations will guide you through a 15-minute, multi-sensory breathing meditation.
We will play this meditation three times. You may enter at any time during the service and leave when you are ready, or, when you are ready to be in community, you are welcome to join a facilitated breakout session.
It’s been a rough couple of years and the organizers (Rev. Shana Lynngood, Rev. Danielle Webber, CUC Special Events Coordinator Amber Dawn Bellemare, and Fiona Butler, a Unitarian Universalist and young adult) hope you will find some solace in this shared experience. We’ve accomplished much together in these trying times. Let’s appreciate our inclusion work, express gratitude, and pause as a community.
Come with curiosity, and catch your breath with us.
Join us on Zoom. or watch live on the CUC’s YouTube channel.
For the offering, we invite you to make a donation directly to the Indigenous Climate Action Network, an Indigenous-led organization that envisions: “A world with sovereign and thriving Indigenous Peoples and cultures leading climate justice for all.”
The Indigenous Climate Action Network is a non profit but not a registered charity. Canadian charities–all of our congregations are charities–are not able to donate to non-qualified donees (e.g. those organizations that are not designated as Canadian charities). Individuals, however, are able to donate to organizations of their choice. Please note that non-profits do not issue tax receipts.


May 15, 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm





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