Art Washes Away from the Soul the Dust of Everyday Life
Pablo Picasso

Each month the Great Hall at the Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga features the artwork of a local artist. These art exhibits enhance the enjoyment and atmosphere of our space. All artwork is for sale.  Visitors welcome during office hours and after service in Sunday. Other times may be arranged upon request to

Raine Adams

Raine is an emerging artist who finds solace and passion in the expressive world of art, particularly through her chosen medium of acrylic painting. With a keen eye for detail and an adventurous spirit, she delights in experimenting with diverse textures, additives, and materials, infusing her creations with layers of depth and nuance. Drawing inspiration from the natural world and her own introspective journeys, Raine’s artistic style is a harmonious blend of familiar motifs and innovative techniques, enriched by her experiences and exploration in the world of art.

For Raine, painting is not just a hobby, it is a therapeutic journey of self-discovery and expression. Each brushstroke is infused with emotion and intention, serving as a means of rejuvenation and creative fulfillment. She firmly believes in the power of art to evoke emotions, spark connections, and enrich lives, and she takes joy in sharing this transformative experience with others. Based in her hometown of Burlington, Ontario, Raine has been fortunate to showcase her work in a variety of venues, ranging from intimate gallery spaces to community events. Her participation in juried shows, group exhibitions, and solo displays has allowed her to connect with diverse audiences and receive valuable feedback on her evolving artistic journey.

Raine also warmly welcomes commissions from individuals seeking customized artworks tailored to their unique preferences and personal narratives. Whether it’s a custom piece for a home, office, or special occasion, she approaches each project with enthusiasm and dedication, striving to create pieces that resonate deeply with her customers and bring their visions to life. Through her art, Raine seeks to inspire, uplift, and forge meaningful connections with those who encounter her work, leaving a lasting impression on hearts and minds alike.








Angela Lane

Canadian impressionistic nature artist

Angela Lane creates art out of her studio in Thornhill – art that reflects how she sees nature through her hikes and kayak trips across the lakes of Northern Ontario and digging deep in her gardens.

Growing up in the small town of Chatham, her crayons, charcoal and paint became some of her best friends. She knew then she had to do something art-related with her life. She pursued studies and began her career as a graphic artist working in the advertising industry for 20+ years. She continued to study fine art at York University and Ontario College of Art & Design University, adjacent to the Art Gallery of Ontario, that became her second home.

She called herself “a maker, a creator and a drawer in fine arts” until she discovered encaustics and felt she had found herself as a professional artist.

“The response to encaustic painting was immediate. I love the freedom of letting loose with my brushes and torches as a piece takes me on a journey of discovery where organic shapes and colours are pulled back and forth in ethereal layers, building and revealing as a story comes to life. These visual reflections of her ‘happy places’, places visited and reimagined, allow one to build on the imagery of one’s mind and complete the story.”

Angela also likes to give back to the art community and is the Outdoor Show Director and past Executive Director of the Artists’ Network, helping artists like herself with their art career. She also co-founded Creative Adventures Events that bring creativity retreats to the non-artist.

Angela’s has been presenting her work in the Canada and the US since 2019 and has participated in over 60 shows. Her work is in private and corporate collections in Canada, the US, and Europe.

Artist Statement

We live in a connected beautiful, awe-inspiring natural world – the light, colour and energy move me. This is my ‘happy place’ and if I listen carefully, I can hear it sing.

Whether I am exploring a new territory on travels or closer to home hiking Ontario trails, kayaking our beautiful lakes or simply digging deep in my gardens, my response is always a general lifting of spirit that feeds a deep-rooted joyful attitude of heart. This is what I hope to share.

The abundance of beauty and energy might be expressed in an explosion of vibrant colour and the quite conversations in nature appear in peaceful lakescapes, a serene seascape or magical skyscapes.

Working in encaustics, I move expressively and freely as I build layer upon layer of fused pigmented beeswax, mark make, and laydown shapes patterns of colour and texture. As I work through addition and subtraction in diaphanous ethereal layers, rhythms of movement unfold, and the story comes to life in compositions that awaken a memory of a place visited or envisioned.

I often further enhance work or incorporates simplified forms using Indian ink and foraged treasure like sea glass and stone.

Angela Lane

April 26-28: Heinzman House Art Show, Thornhill Markham
May: Solo Show, Art in the Hall – Unitarian Congregation, Mississauga

Gail Backus and Ed Clark

Gail Backus TWS, CFS, SCA

Gail Backus is a graduate of York University with a B.A. (Fine Arts Major), and a B.Ed. (Art Specialist). She has had the benefit of art instruction from many well regarded artists, and has exhibited her work with galleries in the Greater Toronto Area.

Gail is presently a member of the following: Toronto Watercolour Society (Signature Member-2011), Toronto Watercolour Society (Bronze Level of Distinction) 2020, Society of Canadian Artists (Elected Member-2021), The Colour & Form Society (Elected Member-2013), Headwaters Arts, and an Associate member of the CSPWC (Canadian Society for Painters in Watercolour). Gail is represented by the Agora Gallery in New York City, New York. She is on the Board of Directors for the Friends of the Museums of Mississauga.

Gail has received numerous rewards: “Fragile Forsythia” – Juried Exhibition-Toronto Watercolour Society, Spring Aquavision 2024, Award of Merit, “A Circular Situation”-Juried Exhibition-Humber Valley Art Club-Award of Merit-2023, “In Back of the Barn” – Juried Exhibition-UCM-People’s Choice Award-2022, “Autumn” (Honorable Mention-2018) – Toronto Watercolour’s 33rd Juried Exhibition, “The Way” (Award of Merit-2016) – Toronto Watercolour’s 31st Juried Exhibition, “Entering” – (Juror’s Choice Award) – 2014, Headwaters Art Gallery Juried Exhibition, “Not Jazz, the Blues” – (Juror’s Choice) -2013, Headwaters Art Gallery Juried Exhibition, “The Light Within” – (Juror’s Choice) – 2012, Headwaters Art Gallery Juried Exhibition, “Northland” – Second place among 32 nations in Aichi, Japan, Triennial – 2017. Gail was the feature artist in Dec. 2017 for Visual Arts Mississauga.

Edward Clark

Bio to follow next week.


Valeria Ribeiro

Mixed Media Contemporary Artist.

Born in Brazil.
Bachelor of Fine Arts.
Bachelor of Professional Studies in Education.
Member of Ontario College of Teachers.

Valeria is passionate about Art and teaching. Having a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she has taught Art in elementary schools for many years in Brazil. She has been teaching private Art Lessons and Workshops using Mixed Media in her art studio. Her art lessons are accessible to everyone, using different mediums and various techniques to inspire people from any age group to become artists.

Valeria is an elementary school teacher and held many fundraisers to donate to families in need from different communities. “Art is a visual expression of emotions and feelings. My art pieces represent happiness and bring joy to people’s lives and their surroundings.”

She participated in many annual shows with Mississauga Art Society, Visual Arts Mississauga, Living Arts Centre, and several solo shows in Toronto, Mississauga, and Brazil. Her paintings reside in private collections in Canada and Brazil.

She likes to use acrylics and mixed media to add movement and texture to her paintings which creates the opportunity for her artwork to be touched and felt by everyone, including those who are visually impaired.

“My art shows emotions through colours and numerous abstract themes like virtues, feelings, and nature. The latest series are part of The Power of Love collection and display a deep and intense variety of colours and feelings. The abstract creations are also a combination of textures and movements, inspired by a wide range of music.”

“An emotional harmony is shown in my art with diverse bright hues balanced with a rich combination of textures from different mediums.” “Art is essential, has countless benefits for our health and well-being, and it brings people and ideas together.”

Virtual Tour

Michele Rose

Born just outside of London, England, in the beautiful rolling hills of Essex County, Michele Rose has been using her creative forces from the young age of ten. In 1982, she moved to Canada and studied at Ontario College of Art. Michele experimented with many styles and media throughout her post-graduate years.

She soon discovered her one true love, painting inspirational landscapes, florals and abstract works. Her paintings depict the quaintness of Michele’s homeland while celebrating the vastness of Canada’s beauty. Her primary goal is to create peaceful, calming landscapes, into which the viewer can escape from the hectic demands of everyday life.

Landscapes, Florals and Trees. Commissions welcome.        Instagram: @michelerose4102        Facebook: Micheleroseartist       Phone: 647-271-4848

Julie Carlisle

Julie Carlisle is a multi-disciplined artist who works in acrylic paint on canvas and mixed media. Julie studied Art at George Brown College in Toronto and Sheridan College of Applied Arts in Brampton, Ontario. Since graduating Julie has worked as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Muralist. Julie finds inspiration in nature where her “plein air” paintings come to life by using paint to draw directly on the canvas in layers.

Julie’s connection to the desert has influenced her painting. She reflects in the spirituality found in the silence, dry heat and unique formations that the mountains and rock faces provide. There are moving shapes over the course of a day that inspire and move her paint brushes in a more curious way to discover form.

Julie teaches drawing classes, hosted an online sketching blog, and fulfills commissioned work. She shows and sells her paintings at Juried Exhibitions in Toronto and surrounding areas.         instagram: @juliesketchincolor       Email:

People’s Choice Award 2023 Exhibit

Winner of our 2023 People’s Choice Award – Suzanne Hamoui

Congratulations to Suzanne Hamoui, whose painting “ Sam Le Castor” was voted the winner of our 2023 People’s Choice Award.



Our People’s Choice exhibit is back for another year!  Beginning September 6th we will feature paintings by the artists who have shared their art with us since November 2022. Everyone will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite painting and will be eligible to win a special prize.

Our featured artists are: Robin Hollingdrake, Mina Vancardo, Suzanne Hamoui, Darlene Kulig, Leo Dias, Val Barton, Delores Feir and Judy Stewart.

Enjoy the show!

Candice Rice

Leesa Price

Leesa Price has always been interested in art and art history and has studied both fine arts and graphic design. Leesa has worked in the museum/heritage environment and as a graphic designer in the communications departments of several large corporations. Having experience working in acrylics, egg tempera and gauche, she decided to study watercolours. She fell in love with the medium and chose to make it her focus. Leesa has also started incorporating collage into her watercolour compositions, working to create an interesting transition where watercolours and collage meet.

“I enjoy the spontaneity and transparency of the medium, plus the unpredictable results watercolours offer. Relinquishing absolute control of the medium has forced my work to become more free and expressive and this has led to a more personalized use of colour and subject matter. I have tried to make the subject matter of my paintings more interesting by using unusual colour schemes, strong shadow elements and unusual points of view. I am now pushing myself to become even looser and to let the medium control the final outcome of the piece.”

Leesa has exhibited in many locations in the GTA area including juried shows, group shows and solo exhibitions, as well as accepting commissions on a variety of subjects.


Darlene Kulig


Darlene Kulig was awarded the CSEA/Berol Prismacolour National Art Scholarship, granted to six Canadian students entering Fine Arts based on outstanding potential in visual arts. Graduating as an Associate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, she quickly established herself in the commercial world of art and within 4 years was running her own successful design studio.

Darlene began painting full time ten years ago. Her work utilizes synthesis or stylization – an approach that came into Eurocentric art from Japan in the mid 1800s. Many of Canada’s great landscape painters (Lawren Harris being an obvious example) have done this. Darlene makes her approach unique by using strong (high key) colour and uniting smaller shapes into larger, more powerful areas by controlling her values. Her love of the abundant beauty so characteristic of the Canadian landscape is clear. What is especially impressive is that she has developed a unique and very personal approach that “feels” Canadian.

TorontoHOME and Ottawa Life Magazine have featured Darlene’s award-winning work, showcasing her vibrant, coast to coast Canadian landscapes. Global Affairs Canada has installed a selection of Kulig Canadian Landscapes in Canadian Embassy buildings in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. The renowned Mayo Clinic has Darlene’s work hanging in its Rochester, MN Clinic. Pomegranate Communications has licensed Darlene’s work to be reproduced as contemporary Canadian content in their international product line in the form of note cards, calendars, and puzzles.

In spring 2019, the award-winning Rocky Mountaineer, which provides luxury train travel through the Rocky Mountains, commissioned Darlene to travel by train and paint the mountains for a Canadian Rockies series. Later in December 2019, Darlene was the featured artist in the AGO Art Rental and Sales Holiday Guide.

Currently, Darlene is focusing her creative efforts on developing a recognizable, signature Kulig Canadian landscape.

A member of the Etobicoke Art Group and the Neilson Park Creative Centre, where she studies and paints, you can find her work in galleries across Canada and the United States, as well as in private collections around the world.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Darlene created a line of face masks in support of The Craig Kulig Memorial Fund, raising money for cancer research at The Ottawa Hospital. She continues to partner in fundraising efforts at TOH.

Suzanne Hamoui

My name is Suzanne Hamoui and I am a Syrian self-taught graphic designer and illustrator.
My art is a mixed of my dreams, my frustrations, my cures, my aspirations and my culture, I’m using various materials from acrylic, ink, gouache and crayons. My art contains puzzles and sends secret messages. It’s simple, friendly and beautiful.

My drawings reflect my cultural background and oriental origins as a women from Aleppo the beautiful city with her old castle and mosques.

My artistic career began when I was 10 years old when my uncle gave me my first professional watercolor set, Since then, I was gradually developed especially in Aquarelle and gouache but when I moved to France in 2015, I have started to explore several universes of graphic art using black or colored ink and acrylic on paper.

Spontaneously, I turned to “Doodle art” which corresponds to the unconscious impression of my Islamic culture and which goes well with my passion for nature. This allows me to evacuate my anger, my frustration, and my sadness in the war, so my work is similar to a creative meditation. So, a whole new world began front of me animal orchestra, Sufism dervish imaginary friends and a visual expression of Arabic songs.

My artistic curriculum vitae is short since I worked all my life as an obstetrician /gynecologist but its rich:

  • 2002: Graduated from the “Fathy Mohammed” Higher Institute of Arts, specializing in calligraphy, drawing and display, Aleppo, Syria
  • 2006-2011: participated in 3 exhibitions with other artists in Aleppo- Syria
  • November 18 to December 1, 2017: participated in the exhibition “Faced with inequalities, citizen mobilizations” Organized by the member associations of the MAISON DES THIRD MONDES ET DE LA SOLIDARITE INTERNATIONALE, Montpellier, Salon de la Maison des Relations Internationales
  • October 22-23, 2022: A visual art solo exhibition entitled “Nostalgia” as part of the activities of the Arab Arts and Music Festival (FAMA) Toronto, Canada.

Leo Dias

Artists Statement: Contemporary Artist – Leo Dias

“One of my aspirations is to share my creative spirit with others in ways that inspires them to find their own creative potential. I strive to also engage people to think critically and feel with their hearts on global and local challenges that touches us all, be it political, environmental or on social issues. In my effort to keep myself grounded and evolving as a creative spirit, I try and extend a hand in healing and empathy to those who may be suffer and in that interplay I hope that collectively we help support each other and evolve to better develop our commons. I feel it is incumbent on all of us to find creative solutions that go beyond our own lives and to think more of the legacy we leave behind for future generations.

Artist: Leo Dias
2060 Millway Gate, Mississauga, Ontario L5L 1R3
M: (416) 435-9365

1980 – 1982: Advertising & Graphic Design Graduate – Humber College
1983 – 1984: Illustration – Sheridan College
1986 – 1992: Visual Arts Brampton Member – Watercolor and Acrylic workshops
1990 – 1993: Image Matrix under the direction of Isabel Massota
1990 – 1996: Sculpture Studio of Mississauga – under the direction of Augustin Filipovi

Mina Vancardo

Artist Bio
Mina Vancardo graduated with a BA in Art and Art History from the University of Toronto. Immediately following her degree, she completed her Bachelor of Education and has been teaching teens Visual Arts since 2001. A balance of classical and emotional (technical and experimental) instruction is the center of her teaching practice; encouraging her students to learn from artists while experimenting and exploring as an approach to finding the artist within.

Artist Statement
My mixed media collages are tiny narratives for the imagination.
Collecting is a continuous activity in my art practice – I am unable to turn it off and I am in constant look out for things that can be used in my work. The obvious items are magazines, books, handwritten notes, or a tiny scrap of textured paper that triggers the feeling to create. Included in that search and trigger to create are unconventional surfaces such as, a serving tray, a chess board, or a book cover (whatever I can find). The truth is, anything but a clean slate brings an irresistible beginning to a new collage.

Featured Artwork: Amelia
Collage in a Vintage Frame

This is a work that just came together without any preconceived idea. I just started to bring pieces together. As I worked, it reminded me of Amelia Earhart. I remember doing a school project on her in grade 5, I pretended to interview her on a t.v. show, I knew everything about her, yet what I remember best (aside from being the first female to fly solo around the world) is that it scared me. I remember thinking “I would never do that”. So this work is just a childhood memory, of better yet a childhood feeling.
Available for purchase $200

Painting Ladies: Valerie M. Barton, Dolores Feir and Judy Stewart

Painting Ladies have been painting together once a week for almost twenty five years. We have seen our children grow up marry and have children of their own, consequently a strong bond has formed between us.

We each have our own style of painting. Dolores is a master with her Acrylics and enjoys mostly landscapes. Judy is still true to watercolours and she is fond of painting birds and houses; also she boasts several commissions. Valerie as always loves to paint anything and everything either in watercolours or acrylics.

Please do enjoy our selection of art that we have chosen for you.


Robin Hollingdrake

For the month of November 2022 we are featuring the art of Robin Hollingdrake.

I find myself strengthened by my childhood ideals that art was about making the world a more beautiful place. Today that translates into the act of making art gives deeper meaning to my life.

Congratulations to Gail Backus, whose painting “In Back of the Barn” won our People’s Choice Award.
Congratulations as well to John Rowell, whose ballot was picked to win a jigsaw puzzle featuring a gorgeous fall photograph taken in Quebec.
Thanks very much to all of you who participated in the award process. I hope everyone enjoyed the variety of art featured.

This week only we have a travelling exhibit entitled “Full Body” put together by a Port Credit dance group Frog in Hand. Colleen Snell, who attended UCM as a child, will be speaking for a few minutes about this innovative exhibit on Sunday.

People’s Choice Art Show

The Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga is  delighted to present an exhibition of the artists who have presented virtually during the pandemic and a few who have exhibited since we reopened in the Spring.

We will once again have our People’s Choice Awards. This is your opportunity to vote for your favourite piece of art and to win a special prize. The winning artist will receive a framed certificate in recognition of their work.

Lynn Taylor

Born and raised in Toronto, but has resided in Lakeview and Mississauga for over 25 years. Although she traveled to see the world from different views, she is mostly influenced by her deep appreciation of nature and growing knowledge of her indigenous background from Oneida of The Thames reserve in Ontario (Turtle Clan).

She is predominately a self-taught artist, only recently emerging into public viewing. She is currently the Director of Finance for the non-profit group ‘The Eagle Spirits of the Great Waters Indigenous Arts & Cultures’, in Lakeview, Mississauga.

“I would like to see the integration of Indigenous arts into non-indigenous communities so we can all learn from each other.”


Prints for Sale
Images printed on 8 ½ x 11 Acid free Archival art paper                            $50.00

Images printed on 11 x 17 Acid free Archival art paper                              $140.00
Limited Edition print series

Other sizes available, contact Lynn at 416-399-6487

Brenda LaRose 

Brenda LaRose is a contemporary realist landscape painter who lives in Halton Hills, Ontario and has been painting for over 30 years.  


She is currently focused on creating art inspired by the magnificence of the scenery around Whitestone Lake, in northern Ontario, where she photographs the stunning scenes she encounters as she travels around the lakes by car, by boat, by kayak and on foot.  Subject matter ranges from scenes from the lake to up close paintings of lake life, including water lilies and loons.  They are painted with acrylic paints on canvas using brushes and palette knives to create the exquisite texture that makes the paintings come alive.  The feelings of peace and serenity that she senses when she is viewing the scenes evokes that same feeling in the viewer and allows them the opportunity to bring that into their home and/or cottage.  Sharing that splendour with others is what motivates her and gives her joy. 


Over the years, Brenda has taught painting to hundreds of people from beginners to advanced level, in the painting studio and art store she co-owned with a friend.  Her art has been sold internationally.  Brenda has exhibited at the Helson Gallery in Georgetown, the Alton Mill Arts Centre, Pazan Gallery in Oakville, and several on-line galleries – Fine Art Society of Milton and Arts on the Credit.  Recent shows include the Honey Bee Festival in Honey Harbour and the Arts on the Credit Show in Oakville. She was selected for the “Under Wraps” public art project with the Town of Halton Hills.  The digital image of her landscape painting was used as a wrap for an electrical box.  She is now a member of the Town of Halton Hills Public Arts Advisory Board, where she helps to bring public art into the community.

Brenda LaRose
Artist and Creative Coach

Devika Mathur 

I have a passion for art and have been teaching art from a tender age with my mother in her art school after graduating with fine art. I started teaching different art mediums in Interior Design & Fashion Design schools then teaching in a University in Architecture and Fine Arts departments.

My first exhibition was in the year 1999 and In 2021, I participated in a group show by “Arts On Credit” at Waterside Inn in Mississauga and two of my paintings got selected for a group show at Visual Arts Gallery at Riverwood and at OCAD University.

My favourite medium has been “Soft Pastels & glass paintings”. I have recently been doing commission work for an office and online workshops with youth and seniors. For the last two years did one on one workshops with adults with special needs & had an exhibition of their artwork at Bradley museum in Mississauga.


Links to my social media:

My painting got selected in an online exhibition at O.C.A.D University, Toronto, 2021: _ffeNMECg18fw21dRmXbp035JA1dxM

Thomas Hirsz 

I am a Canadian artist living in Toronto. It’s a big bustling city but a calm oasis follows me everywhere. I see paintings wherever I go.

As a boy I was fascinated by the design of things around me, constantly drawing pictures and creating things. As an adult I became mesmerized by the power of paint.
My artwork is evolving. In the beginning my paintings were created in a realistic manner. At present they are being created in an abstract manner. Neither style is easier than the other and the 2 styles tend to enhance each other.

It’s is all about art. What a dull place the world would be without it.
Visit my gallery,

Nada Annan 

Nada has been painting most of her life. After graduating from college she studied fine art at the Beirut Academy of Fine Art, in Lebanon. Nada has continued to hone her artistic skills by attending several workshops with established Canadian artists since 1989.

Nada has exhibited her work in several solo and group shows worldwide such as Lebanon, England, Cyprus, United States (California) and Canada.

Besides her extensive art exhibitions, Nada has been immersed in the art scene in several important ways. She has worked as anart instructor at Visual Arts Mississauga (VAM) since 2008. As well as, provided private lessons in the art of oil and acrylics painting to emerging artists. Nada has also represented Grumbacher (manufacturers of Grumbacher Art Supplies) at Michael’s for several years. Since 2001 Nada has been an active member of the Mississauga Art Society and it’s President for several years.

If you would like to see more of Nada’s work, please visit her website or you may contact her through email at or call 905-607-2196.


Gail Backus TWS CFS

Gail is a graduate of York University with a B.A. (Fine Arts Major), and a B.Ed. (Art Specialist). She has had the benefit of art instruction from many well regarded artists, and has exhibited her work with galleries in the Greater Toronto Area.

Gail is presently a member of the following: Ontario College of Teachers, Canadian Federation of University Women, Central Ontario Art Association, Mississauga Arts Council, Visual Arts Mississauga, The Mississauga Watercolour Society, Neilson Park Creative Centre, Humber Valley Art Club, The Colour & Form Society (Elected Member), Headwaters Arts, a Signature Member of the Toronto Watercolour Society (Bronze Level of Distinction), Associate Member of both the Canadian Society for Painters in Watercolour, and The Society of Canadian Artists.

Gail has received awards including Second Place in a juried show for the World Exposition in Kariya, Aichi, Japan. She has also had paintings accepted in many other juried shows including the Humber Valley Art Club, The Colour and Form Society, The Toronto Watercolour Society, The Society of Canadian Artists, and the Art Gallery of Mississauga. She has participated in the Lakeshore Art Trail in Mississauga for many years.

Gail enjoys painting a variety of subjects. She uses both watercolours, and acrylics to achieve a fresh and spontaneous quality in her work. More recently, she has been experimenting with colour and form to express her feelings about ideas.

Gail Backus may be contacted at 905-274-9860

Or by e-mail at

Valerie Barton

Valerie is a resident of Port Credit and has been painting for 25 years. She has studied watercolour and acrylics with many respected and talented Ontario artists.

She describes herself as an eclectic artist and embraces both realism, impressionism  and sometimes, the odd  abstract. This can be observed in her  landscapes, seascapes, nature, floras and animal paintings, also adding to her folio are several commission works.  Her inspiration often comes from photographs that she has taken locally or whilst travelling the globe.

Valerie loves to create a piece of art that stirs feelings and emotions and creates a visual experience for the viewer. She will  admit that sometimes parting with a painting is difficult after  putting much feeling into the piece.

Several years ago Valerie joined with a small group of artists known as “Painting Ladies” and their art has been exhibited successfully as a group or solo in local exhibitions, community functions, stores and galleries throughout the GTA.

Another dimension in Valerie’s artistic field has been on stage either singing in quartets and choruses or part of the ensemble in local theatre groups.  She has also added her skills to  painting sets for local community theatre groups. Over the years she has taken courses at Sheridan College in Silk Screen Printing, Textile Design, Interior Design and Aesthetics.

Valerie looks forward to opening her Gallery again after the pandemic, in the meantime please enjoy her online gallery at:

Tel: 905-891-5230

Hiroshi Yamamoto (Hakuho)

Born in Shiga-prefecture, Japan, Hiroshi graduated Kyoto Industrial Design Institute and Kyoto Japanese Art School. Studied traditional arts and history, including Nihonga and Sumi-e style painting, and is deeply influenced by the works of Tohaku Hasegawa, an artist from the 16th century. In 1974 immigrated to Canada. Since, Hiroshi resides in Toronto, Canada and has exhibited his work in over twenty solo and group shows in Japan, Canada and United States.

Facebook:Hiroshi Yamamoto (HAKUHO)
Instagram : yamamoto_canada
Tel: 647-549-3986 (Cell) or 416-964-3985 (H)

Thomas Hirsz

I am a Canadian artist living in Toronto. It’s a big bustling city but a calm oasis follows me everywhere. I see paintings wherever I go.

As a young boy I was fascinated by the design of things around me, constantly drawing pictures and creating things. After taking some art classes I became mesmerized by the power of paint and have been painting ever since. That was 25 years ago. My art has evolved over the years beginning in a realistic style and slowly developing into abstraction. I make my own paint and my paintings have become an exploration of the fascinating qualities paint and colours.


Sue Archibald

Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Guelph, specializing in painting and drawing. Studies continued with Grant McEwen School of Design in Alberta, The Toronto School of Art, Haliburton School of Fine Arts, and an ongoing association with Visual Arts Mississauga, and Neilson Park Creative Centre. Currently acts as Treasurer of the Lakeshore Art Trail, and sits on the board of directors as the Programming Chair for Creative Hub 1352. Teaches art in partnership with Neilson Park and the Ontario Trillium Grant Foundation

Sue’s medium of choice is acrylics, applying paint, charcoal and pencil in order to energize the images with marks, lines and patterns. Most of her paintings are created from her imagination, based on ideas or visual memory that often tell a personal and/or a universal story.

Artist Statement
Many of my images are created from my imagination. My work is narrative, colourful and appeals to people on multiple levels. Regardless of what is painted my style remains consistent. Images are a little playful and a little folksy, with a sense of whimsy and playfulness.

While my work may seem charming, the viewer is invited to uncover meaning and thought that may be buried within the contextual surface.
I work on developing a composition, using colour, charcoal and pencil to energize and heighten the quality of the surface. Leaving the charcoal drawing marks exposes part of my process.

Janice Ykema

Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner by Janice Ykema

Janice’s spirited brushstrokes balance the fine line between abstraction and reality. Janice’s end goal with each piece, is to bring a sense of movement, life, humour, as well as character to her canvas. Janice often utilizes animals to achieve this objective through memories both personal and those which are widely familiar…

Janice welcomes animal/pet commissioned paintings.
or leave a message 289-680-0789

Michelle Rose

Michele Rose has been a professional Artist since 2000, who specializes in Acrylic Landscapes with a twist of humour.  She is an active member of the Muskoka Arts Council.

Michelle is influenced by the quaint Landscapes of her homeland England and the vast ruggedness of her new home Canada, including in each piece the British sense of humour which is a huge part of her personality.

Michele uses an old masters technique which consists of layering and washes to build up the richness of the the colour.

The Home is very important to Michele’s work as she had left her home in the early 1980’s and tries to capture heart and soul in her paintings.

Instagram: michelerose4102
Facebook: micheleroseartist

Barbara Pickett

November’s featured artist is Barbara Pickett. She will kindly donate 10% of all sales to UCM members and friends this month as part of her thanks for being featured. Please enjoy her art.

Barbara H. Pickett  –       

Barbara is a Port Credit watercolour artist, who has been painting for over 20 years, having taken instruction at the Newmarket School of Fine Art, and Visual Arts Mississauga. She enjoys painting the beautiful landscapes of Ontario, along with scenes from travels globally. Some of those adventures have included plein air painting in the French Riviera, Quebec City, and in Muskoka.

Unique architecture and beautiful landscapes are her favourite subject matter.

She has led numerous watercolour painting workshops as well as exhibited in juried shows.

Commissions are welcomed. Whether you are looking to capture a special moment, a memorable scene, or are looking for art to display in larger spaces, she works with your photograph to create a lovely custom piece.

“I have always been drawn to the magic of watercolour. I love to watch how the paint dances on the paper. The softness of this medium allows me to capture light and shadows to draw you into the painting. The colours of the season inspire my landscape paintings, while the beauty of cobblestone streets and hidden alleyways inspire my architecture paintings.

I invite you to take a walk with me into a “World of Watercolour” and find a scene that makes you smile.

I thank UUCM for inviting me to your special community and hope that my paintings provide some happiness during these difficult times.” … Barbara

Instagram @wowbybarbara
Wearable Art

Robin Hollingdrake

I am inspired to create paintings that express my individual and acquired painting ideas. I want to see the paint texture foremost, while simultaneously feeling the colour areas expand out and then recede into space. I introduce textures to slow down my perception so the surface of the canvas appears to undulate.

Robin was born in 1953 in the western suburbs of Toronto in what was then Port Credit / Clarkson and is now Mississauga. Her art education was immediate with constant encouragement from her mother, Patience Morrisey a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, who kept a very active painting, print making, and ceramics studio going.

Robin graduated 1971, T.L. Kennedy Secondary School with the David L. Stevenson Award for Commercial Art. At the time the high school ran an arts program for those students identified in the Peel Region with special gifts. She attended the Ontario College of Art from 1971 to 1973 and won the Reeves and Sons Scholarship Award in 1972. With the upheavals at OCA during the period she transferred to Sheridan College School of Crafts and Design and graduated in 1978 from the Ceramics Program.

Robin has stayed in the Mississauga area with her husband where they brought up their two boys. She has been very active over the years within the community and has taken full advantage of the what Mississauga and the neighbouring communities have had to offer with respect to the arts. Robin has been able to both teach and exhibit her works on a regular basis., Instagram:  #robinhollingdrake

Huan Chen

As you all know we will not have our Art in the Hall live until we reopen our doors to services. Meanwhile I am going to feature the monthly artist’s website and hope that you will all peruse their beautiful art work and perhaps buy one for your home or as a gift. September’s featured artist is Huan Chen. Please enjoy her art. Candice Rice
I enjoyed drawing, calligraphy and Chinese ink painting when I was young, but never dreamed of becoming a painter. I went through a long path of discovery after I immigrated to Canada with my parents, studied and worked as an engineer. I received my formal training from McGill University with Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering. My research was in the environmental engineering field. In 2003, I started painting lessons which began as a way of expressing myself and ended as a true passion. In 2010 I switched to working full time as a painter and art instructor, and couldn’t be more content since!

My formal training has deepened my concerns for the environment. A nature lover, and also fond of figure painting, I often portray the two subjects together, as a harmonious yet transitory scene. I like to convey the intimate bond humans share with the surrounding world. I enjoy painting en plein air with friends in the summer. My favourite place is the riverbank of the Credit River near where I live. Huan Chen –

Valerie Barton

Please peruse the beautiful art work and perhaps buy one for your home or as a gift

Valerie is a resident of Port Credit and has enjoying painting for over twenty years. She has studied watercolours and acrylics with many respected Ontario artists.

She describes herself as an eclectic artist because of the variety of subjects she likes to paint which includes landscapes – particularly of Port Credit or from her trips abroad – seascapes, floras and nature and sometimes abstracts along with commission works.

Valerie states when she creates a painting she feels a relationship develops between her and the painting, often making it difficult to part with a piece, however she is always thrilled when others enjoy her works and they become a proud possession to them.

Several years ago Valerie joined with a group of artists known as “Painting Ladies” and their art has been exhibited successfully as a group or solo in local exhibits, community functions, stores and galleries throughout the GTA.

To view a selection of her art please visit


Painting Ladies – Judy Stewart

March & April 2020 – Janette Block

Born in Scotland and a resident of Port Credit, Janette has always had an interest in sketching and painting. She has studied with different artists and dabbles in different mediums including water colour, Chinese brush painting, acrylics, and oils. Janette loves the mindfulness of art and the use of color.

Her recent retirement has allowed her to concentrate on her passion for art and refine different techniques while enjoying the tranquility that art provides her.


February 2020 – Beverly Morgan

Bev Morgan is primarily a watercolour artist who currently resides in Etobicoke. She has been involved with art in one way or another all her life. Since retiring from teaching, many of those years spent teaching art, she has been able to devote herself full time to her own painting.

She is a member of the Franklin Carmichael Art Group, The Neilson Park Creative Centre, The Humber Valley Art Club, the Central Ontario Art Association and is currently a signature member of The Toronto Watercolour Society. She has attended classes and workshops with many well known Canadian artists, and is always interested in learning new techniques.

Her paintings have been accepted into many juried shows, and she has won numerous awards for her work, including two Best in Show awards in 2019. Her paintings hang in private collections in Canada, England, Wales, Austria and the United States.

The subjects of her paintings are varied and are drawn from her travels and personal experiences. Although she paints primarily in watercolour, she has also ventured into the world of pastel, acrylic and collage. Her style is impressionistic, but is constantly evolving. One of her favourite techniques is the use of negative painting, which is quite prevalent in her watercolour florals.

To view samples of Bev’s work:
To contact Bev: Phone: 416 622-1438


January 2020 – Seth Macey

Seth Macey is a 25-year-old internationally recognized travel, wildlife, & commercial photographer from Oakville, Ontario. His work has over 30,000,000+ online views & has recently been featured on a book cover with over 250,000 copies printed by a best-selling Turkish author. The same image (“Seeing Eye to Eye”) won “Photograph of the Year 2017” on Unsplash, the world’s leading photography website as cited by Forbes magazine. It will be on display at Seth’s exhibit in the hall. Outside of photography, Seth enjoys writing and recording music, playing with his dog Aurora, and a cold beer on a dock… or two.

Seth is heavily passionate about climate change and environmental sustainability. Recently, Seth has collaborated with Environmental Defence to make 5% of every print purchased from any Wildlife Series go towards fighting climate change and reducing plastic pollution. Seth considers our global environmental crises the most important and pressing issues of our time.

“I was once told that a really great photograph always tells a story.
It brings you to a memory, a feeling, or a belief.
Every time I aim my lens I try and stay true to this idea.”
-Seth Macey

December 2019 – Laura Beaton

Born in Toronto, Laura is an award winning Visual Fine Art Artist. She began as a faux finishing (special effects) wall painter, and her interests evolved to a study of Chinese Brush Painting, mixed media and acrylics.

Laura’s self-styled art marries various painting techniques with her own creations using mixed media on canvas/panels to create an impressive portfolio that includes a varied range of work for private collectors, corporations and musicians.

Her works have transcended cultures and are in private and permanent collections in China, the USA, and Canada. In 2018, Laura exhibited her art in Beizhen, China as well as in Nantong (Shanghai). Her art is being studied in China by university art students.

Laura is the 2017 Mississauga Marty’s winner for Established Visual Fine Art Artist.


Angela Lipscombe, CZT CFS ZIN

A native of Port Credit Ontario, Angela Lipscombe is an award winning Visual Artist, Art Instructor, Graphic Designer, Muralist and Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT) where her career and art accomplishments have spanned over 35 years. Angela’s primary focus now is on teaching the love of art in all mediums to children, youth, adults and seniors in her home studio located in Oakville, at the First Ontario Arts Centre Milton, to various public and private art organizations, businesses and organizations across the lower Ontario region. For more information please email Angela at:

Angela’s work can be found at various art exhibitions throughout the year and on her website:


Thomas Hirsz

I am a Canadian artist living in Toronto. It’s a big bustling city but a calm oasis follows me everywhere. I see paintings wherever I go.

As a young boy I was fascinated by the design of things around me, constantly drawing pictures and creating things. After taking some art classes I became mesmerized by the power of paint and have been painting ever since. That was 25 years ago.

My art has evolved over the years and is usually of a realistic style but often developing into abstraction. I make my own paint and my artwork has become an exploration of my fascination with colour and paint properties.

 Gabby Tutak

My work has been a personal journey of expressing experiences and passions through a variety of techniques. My perspective has been constantly changing, enabling a unique development of style. It has always been my objective to visually interpret emotions and involvement through my paintings. Most of my paintings are narratives that have an individual story to tell. Whether the subject area is a meaningful landscape, an unforgettable event or a treasured memory, each work is unique.

Implementing an impressionist approach, each work proceeds in a fluid and creative way, developing through the mutual journey of artist, tools and process. Using oils, acrylics and mixed media, I sometimes nudge the reality of colour to achieve a more passionate and vibrant result. My challenge continues to be the use of dramatic light in all of my paintings.

I have been influenced by diverse experiences and interactions with numerous interesting people in a variety of memorable places. The result of this journey is a desire to thrive and foster a love for images that are unforgettable. I enjoy all the aspects of my individual journey and will continue to share new techniques and expressions with others.

I invite you to visit my website:

 People’s Choice Award

This year we had two paintings tie for first place – Pay’s Tangled Garden by our own Pay Morrisey and Memory Moments by Katherine Brown.  Our draw winner is Michael Wheeler. Congratulations Michael!

Pay has kindly donated her painting to UCM so we may enjoy it for many years to come. You can admire it in the administrator’s office.

We have many exciting new artists scheduled to exhibit this year.  Be sure and look for their art each month on our walls and think of art for gifts throughout the year.

Candice Rice

Summer Art Exhibit

We have a special Retrospective featuring many of our artists from the last Church year. There are many new works to enjoy. A gift of art for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays is always appreciated.

We have a new and exciting initiative this summer – introducing our People’s Choice Award!

Please take the opportunity to look at our exhibit, choose your favourite and fill out a ballot. You may win a  collection of gorgeous greeting cards by one of our featured local artists – Valerie Barton.

Candice Rice

Meera Sulaiman

“I feel exhilarated when I’m surrounded by nature and animals. I consider my artistic endures as an extension to my emotions, and also a way to connect with people, animals and nature. My passion is to tell inspiring stories of animals, kids, and people around the globe. I have a wonderful dream where everyone values the preservation of nature and we are inspired to protect it.”

Meera is a Srilankan born Canadian and an international award winning photographic artist. She has been practicing professionally since 2010. Meera’s work has been exhibited in international exhibitions in London, Moscow, Italy, Japan, and Canada. Her images have been published in CBC Canada, Feature Shoot, Zoom Italia Magazine, National Geography, Canadian Geography, Inside Halton, & Brampton Guardian. She is also a recipient of multiple international awards/ honours including Bird Photographer of the Year, International Photographer Awards(IPA), Px3 Paris, Tokyo Internal Photography Awards, Moscow Internal Photography Awards.


About Trumpeter Swans Conservation Project
Trumpeter Swan is the world’s largest species of water bird, and one of the heaviest flying birds is native to North America, with a wingspan of 8 feet and weight up to 30 pounds. Once they nested over most of North America with some estimates placing their number at more than 100,000. But by the 1880s they were almost hunted out of existence and were locally extinct in Ontario, Canada. The Trumpeter Swan’s reintroduction to Ontario, Canada has been a story in the making for more than 40 years. The groups commitment for the conservation effort have elevated the bird’s population from zero to 1000.

Meet the Artist
Drop by UCM on June 5th from 7-9 PM to meet Meera and hear about the Trumpeter Swan Conservation effort.

The Mother’s Day Show – Patience Morrisey and Robin Hollingdrake

Long-time UCM member Patience Morrisey’s work is firmly grounded in nature and purpose. These connections keep her full of creativity into her ninety-seventh year!

Her daughter Robin Hollingdrake works in an abstract format, leaning into colour and texture to respond and navigate within a contemporary landscape.


289-680-0789 Leave message

Janice Ykema

Janice grew up in Niagara-on-the-Lake, on her family’s farm and then graduated from OCADU University as a mature student in 2005. She has been actively painting since 2007. Janice’s medium is acrylic.

Her spirited brushstrokes, balance the fine line between abstraction and reality. Janice’s end goal with each piece, is to bring a sense of movement, life, humour, as well as character to her canvas. Janice often utilizes animals to achieve this objective through memories both personal and those which are widely familiar… Janice regularly submits her work to juried peer reviewed art shows as she feels that competition keeps her ‘present’ and this often proves to be the creative spark that results in pieces that are both unique and rewarding.

Janice welcomes animal/pet commissioned paintings.,
289-680-0789 Leave message

Sandra Robson

Sandra was born in Toronto, but grew up on a farm. There were no crayons, pencils or paper; but it didn’t suppress a natural tendency to draw. She used sticks, rocks, sand and even snow. It didn’t matter if it washed away – because tomorrow was the opportunity to start fresh.

After graduating from University of Toronto with a science degree; she quickly understood that her true passion was in the arts. The Sheridan College Illustration program provided a foundation towards an established career in graphic design – fine tuning the elements and principles of design.

Years of graphic design, art direction and creating illustrations; brought her full circle back to her painting roots. Tapping into intuition, Sandra utilizes experience and energy to guide her through her paintings. Inspired by people, laughter, nature and music – she loves every day and the possibilities it brings. Her paintings have won awards, placement in multiple juried exhibits and can be found displayed in homes across Canada, the US and Europe.


Katherine Brown

Katherine’s fine art has been shown at the Corcoran Art Gallery, Washington, DC, the Wadsworth Gallery, Hartford, Conn, she won two awards from the Grenfell Mission, Nfld. Exhibitions in Toronto: “Westmount Gallery”, the Distillery’s “Red Eye Gallery”, Casa Loma’s “Art at the Castle”, Yorkville’s Yorkville’s Studio Vogue Gallery & “Impressions”, Oakville’s “Seasons”, Sunnyside Beach Juried, Arts & Letters Club, Sunnybrook Hospital, Artfest, Neilson Park Creative and the Varley Art Gallery.

Art Center College of Design, California, honoured her with three Alumni Awards. Her first artist job was when Walt Disney personally hired Katie while seeing her sketch at his Disneyland Park.

Then in Toronto she illustrated children’s books when on staff for Holt, Rinehart & Winston Publishers. Later as a Senior Advertising Art Director in 4 International Agencies, she won 28 international awards including 3 Clios, 9 Art Director’s Awards, and 2 Cannes Lions in 25 years.

Illustrating and creating commercials, print ads, packaging, corporate logos, director’s shooting boards, brochures, costume designs as a freelance artist, Katie also has been commissioned for many corporate paintings, portraits, books, film and TV locations concept illustrations, props and sets.

Enjoying memberships in CAFTCAD (film/TV costume designers), the Don Valley Art Club, The Neilson Park Creative Club, The International Figurative Guild, she is also active in The Society of Canadian Artists. AMAZON.COM has published 12 Children Picture books “Hedgecombe Village” in paperback and Kindle online that she wrote and illustrated.

(416) 233-8727, Toronto, Ontario


Valerie Barton

Valerie is a resident of Port Credit and has enjoying painting for over twenty years. She has studied watercolours and acrylics with many respected Ontario artists.

She describes herself as an eclectic artist because of the variety of subjects she likes to paint which includes landscapes – particularly of Port Credit or from her trips abroad – seascapes, floras and nature and sometimes abstracts along with commission works.

Valerie states when she creates a painting she feels a relationship develops between her and the painting, often making it difficult to part with a piece, however she is always thrilled when others enjoy her works and they become a proud possession to them.

Several years ago Valerie joined with a group of artists known as “Painting Ladies” and their art has been exhibited successfully as a group or solo in local exhibits, community functions, stores and galleries throughout the GTA.

To view a selection of her art please visit
For the Love of Art &Flowers lnc.
Unit 4, 347 Lakeshore Rd. East, Mississauga, ON
or visit

December 2018 – Laura Beaton

Laura is an award winning Visual Fine Artist born in Toronto, Ontario Canada and moved to Mississauga over 30 years ago. She began as a faux finishing painter, but a health issue at the time led her to a life-long passion for Chinese Brush Painting and acrylics. Unlike faux finishing; it is done without much physicality.

Laura is an internationally established Chinese Brush Painter and artist and she is recognized for her abstract acrylics as well as impressions of the Canadian landscape using Chinese Brush Painting. Her works transcend cultures and are in private and permanent collections in China,the United States and Canada.

Laura’s motivational speaking style and engagements relative to the arts, art business and marketing are well received, as are her exhibitions in Canada and China.

Laura is the 2017 Mississauga Marty’s winner for Established Visual Fine Artist.

In appreciation for the opportunity to exhibit her work at the Unitarian Church in December 2018, 10% from each sale will be donated to the church.

FaceBook:      LABeatonArt


November 2018 – Marcelo Pazan

Marcelo Leonardo Pazan’s artistic aspirations began early. When he was 4 years old, young Pazan was awarded the second prize in a poster design contest back in his hometown of Cuenca, Ecuador. Even after he and his family immigrated to Canada in 1976, this one experience had ignited his interest to hone his artistic skills.

In 1994, he graduated from Toronto’s Academy of Merchandising and Design’s Computer Graphics Certificate Program and spent almost 17 years working as a graphic designer at the Toronto Star Newspaper. In 2014 Pazan opened Pazan Gallery in the scenic Village of Port Credit.

Utilizing a new mirrorless technology camera to capture his stunning images, Pazan’s latest photographs depict dramatic scenes of Port Credit and include his photo contributions to a group exhibit called “Morphology”, a group exhibition organized by the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel to record the transformation of the Lakeview waterfront.

For more information please visit

Candice Rice, Convenor


October 2018 – Nada Annan

–  Nada has been painting most of her life after graduating from college.
–  Studied art at Beirut Academy of Fine Art in Lebanon.
–  Attended several workshops with well known Canadian artists since 1989.

– Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Lebanon, England, Cyprus, United States (California) and Canada.
– Has been working as an art instructor at Visual Arts Mississauga since 2008.
– Has been representing Grumbacher (manufacturers of Grumbacher Art Supplies) at Michael’s for over six years.
– Has been giving private lessons in art (using both oil and acrylics), for more than fifteen years.
– Has been an active member of Mississauga Art Society since 2001, and its President for five years.

To purchase any of Nada’s paintings please email her at, or call her at 905-607-2196.

If you would like to see more of Nada’s work, please visit her website:

Candice Rice, Convenor


September 2018 – Mississauga Art Society

The Mississauga Art Society (MAS) was formed in 1955 and is one of the oldest art societies in the region. It is currently comprised of twenty-three fine artists who meet regularly to paint, share ideas and critique each other’s work. The group’s diversity is reflected in each member’s choice of medium, style and subject matter. Twice a year, members of MAS give live art demonstrations during its Spring and Fall shows to engage the community and inspire budding artists to pursue their passion.

Candice Rice, Convenor


Summer 2018 – Retrospective

This summer our Great Hall will be featuring work by our fabulous artists who have exhibited at UCM since September.  Some are new work, some may be favourites from the previous shows.

All art will be for sale as usual.  Paintings make unique wedding, anniversary and birthday gifts, so please think of our artists this summer when looking for a special present.

Candice Rice, Convenor


Kristina Kirkwood B.F.A.

Kristina Kirkwood developed her skills as a fine artist from an early age. She won drawing competitions as a young child. Her parents sent her to art based summer camps as a child and evening classes as a teenager at the Art Gallery of Burlington (formerly the Burlington Art Centre). Instructors there offered for her to attended adult drawing classes, and audit drawing courses at the University of Guelph at sixteen years of age.

Kristina completed her four year degree in Visual Art at York University in 1991. While at York she acquired experience in drawing and Print making; she enjoyed historical process photography also. She worked as a technician in the print making Studio as her interest in the many printing processes would keep her busy there most of her time.

Today her art has moved toward the textural and inventive applications of found objects melded into her work. Her inspiration comes from nature. She holds a reverence for nature and the common experience it provides for us all.

905-220-4980 (cell);

Janice Ykema

Janice grew up in Niagara-on-the-Lake, on her family’s farm and then graduated from OCADU University as a mature student in 2005. She has been actively painting since 2007. Janice’s medium is acrylic.

Her spirited brushstrokes, balance the fine line between abstraction and reality. Janice’s end goal with each piece, is to bring a sense of movement, life, humour, as well as character to her canvas. Janice often utilizes animals to achieve this objective through memories both personal and those which are widely familiar… Her self-imposed task as an artist is to present herself with different learning challenges. First, Janice says that “the continual cultivation of my skills makes each piece an exciting journey”. Secondly, Janice regularly submits her work to juried peer reviewed art shows as she feels that competition keeps her ‘present’ and this often proves to be the creative spark that results in pieces that are both unique and rewarding. Third, and most important, Janice’s creations end purpose is to create a connection with the viewer and provoke a smile or story that may change as the viewers mood itself changes, inviting them to come back and investigate and engage with it.

Janice has been in over 175 exhibitions including winning the ‘Peoples Choice Award’ in 2016 at the Mississauga Art Gallery’s Visual Arts Mississauga Juried Show, Best in Show for Colour and Form in 2017, Etobicoke Art Group Second Place 2017. In 2015 Janice achieved status as the *Royal Poster Artist* for the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.

Janice welcomes animal/pet commissioned paintings.,
289-680-0789 Leave mssg.

Susan Seagrove, B.Ed., M.F.A.

What has sometimes been considered a very formal medium has become much more experimental and expressive in the hands of numerous contemporary (and some not so contemporary) artists wishing to exploit the potential of watercolour.

My work will tell you that I happily follow in the footsteps of these experimenters! Although I began with acrylics, I have embraced watercolour, inks and other texture making materials in my pursuit of an experimental approach to image making.

My paintings began with my love of colour and my efforts to bring the garden into my home. Since then, my imagery has expanded as have my methods. I am still inspired by the garden as well as the unique qualities of watercolour itself and the ways it blends (or not!) with other materials to create amazing textures and numerous surprises. Although I have dabbled in realism, my true love is for abstraction and following the path that laying down layers of colour, shape and texture can lead.

My formal art training began  at the Ontario College of Art and Design and I have since participated in a variety of workshops to further develop my skills. I am recently retired from teaching with the Toronto District School Board, where I taught Visual Art, Ceramics and Photography. I have entered a number of juried exhibitions and mounted a one-woman show at Visual Arts Mississauga, where I am currently a member.

Nisreen Aksar

Nisreen Aksar is a well-known local artist in the city of Mississauga. Her paintings reflect her desire to show her interpretation of beauty around her. Her inspiration was her father who encouraged her from a very young age.

Nisreen graduated with honours in Fine Arts from Sheridan College, Oakville
Visual Art Diploma from the International Career School.

She is truly at peace when she is able to reflect the joy, colour and beauty of her surroundings and is thrilled to share that with her community through frequent art shows and events. Her work ranges from realistic to the abstract, and specializes in landscapes in various mediums (oil , acrylics and water colors).

Nisreen is an active member of the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga Arts Council and Visual Arts Mississauga.

Brenda Brown

Since she was very young, Brenda loved creating art. She is self-taught and enjoys working with a variety of mediums including acrylic, oils, watercolour, scratchboard and multimedia.

Brenda enjoys participating in several art associations and art tours including:
▪ Harbourside Painters of Canada – member for 7 years and Vice President for 1 year
▪ Fine Arts America -member for 8 years and featured artist several times
▪ The Women’s Art Association of Canada – Brenda’s art can be seen in the Dignam Gallery year round
▪ Toronto West Arts Collaborative (TWAC) – This is a new membership for Brenda and she looks forward to embracing the many opportunities offered to the group
▪ Arts on the Credit Tour – This event takes place in September each year

Brenda’s work has been chosen for many juried shows and many of her pieces hang in several international locations.

Part of Brenda’s artistic journey is to learn! She loves attending courses and seminars with many wonderful, talented art teachers, photographers and naturalists while learning techniques she incorporates into her own style.

In Brenda’s own words:  “I am passionate about what I do and I am confident it shows in my work!”

Twitter:       @BBrownArtist
Instagram: @blbrownartist

Sjon de Groot

Sjon de Groot principally works in oils, using a combination of traditional European and North American techniques. The work is bold and multi-dimensional, an expression in colour of a South African coming to terms with his adopted land; and combining his African and North American experience with the influence of his Dutch artist ancestors.

Defying genre, Sjon creates to his own agenda, using his art to express, question, and start conversations.

Originally trained by Geoffrey & Michael Armstrong at the JHB School of Art in South Africa, he completed many commissions for businesses and private collectors there, before immigrating to Canada in 1997. Now widely exhibited in Canada, his pieces have been purchased by many private and corporate buyers.

Ian Bradshaw

Born in Winnipeg, but raised in England, Ian found himself missing Canada and the prairies. Three weeks after completing his studies at North Staffordshires’ Polytechnique, Ian bought a one-way ticket back to Winnipeg.

Working as an engineering technologist with Federal Pioneer Electric, he was introduced to photography through the need to document high voltage experiments on 4×5” technical view cameras. Once his interest was piqued, Ian studied the work of other photographers such as Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, but also referred to painters such as the old masters, in order to learn what created “art”. This carried him into a career as a photographer, encompassing many endeavours such as photographing the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, working for the Winnipeg free press and Winnipegs Contemporary Dancers. One of his true passions, The Black Hole Theatre, still produces fine plays today.

Moving on to Ottawa he continued in photo journalism, but branched out into portraiture – photographing many federal Members of Parliament. Canadian Guide dogs for the blind one among many such worthy clients. National Art Center and Theatre Ballet of Canada. The opening of the Weston Hotel, a notable photo shoot with Le Groupe de la Place Royale. Garth Hampson and Christ Church Cathedral Choir among his favourite clients.

This all culminating in a long distance relationship with his now wife in Berlin, Germany. Here he spent some two years commuting between Germany and various Canadian cities.

This is where his current “Doors I have Met” series was conceived and realized.

After coming to Toronto in 2006, Ian decided to sell his own work, shot throughout Canada and parts of Europe. To this end he opened a small gallery in the St. Lawrence market, which he ran from 2006-2009. Since 2006 he has shown and sold his work in various places such as Ajax City Council, Oakville City Hall, Win Henstock Gallery, Kerr Village Art Gallery etc. He also participates in art shows such as Art in the Park Oakville and Dundas Art in the Park. Select smaller pieces are available in a handful of gift stores throughout the GTA – Hamilton.

Inspired by the old masters, Ian’s photographs are paintings of light – His favorite subject being the Canadian landscape in its many variations, though preferably in winter during extreme conditions.

Sereen Aziz

Sereen Aziz is a 17 year old student with a passion for art, as well as volunteering to help disadvantaged communities. Sereen volunteered with COSTI Immigrant Services to run a weekly children’s program for Syrian newcomers. At White Oaks Secondary School, Sereen studies in the French Immersion International Baccalaureate Art Program. Sereen has participated in art classes and camps since childhood and aspires to continue her studies and build a career as an artist. Throughout this year, Sereen has been commissioned to create several pieces of art. Her oil paintings and sketches of her parents’ homeland have been featured in the Toronto Metro News, as well as CBC News. Sereen has worked as a babysitter and English and math tutor. Currently, she is part of a group called Young Artists for Syria, a group in the community that creates art to raise money for Syria.

Valerie Barton

Valerie is a resident of Port Credit and has been enjoying painting for over twenty years. She studied watercolours and acrylics with many respected artists.
she describes herself  now as an eclectic artist because of the variety of subjects she likes to paint which includes landscapes particularly of Port Credit or from her trips abroad, seascapes, floras and nature and sometimes abstract along with commission works.

Several years ago she joined with three other artists known as “Painting Ladies” and their art has been exhibited successfully as a group or solo in local exhibits, community functions, stores and galleries throughout the GTA.

We seek to be ever-evolving in our understanding, open to new knowledge.



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