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Each month the Great Hall at the Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga features the artwork of a local artist. These art exhibits enhance the enjoyment and atmosphere of our space. All artwork is for sale.  Visitors welcome during office hours and after service in Sunday. Other times may be arranged upon request to

November 2018 – Marcelo Pazan

Marcelo Leonardo Pazan’s artistic aspirations began early. When he was 4 years old, young Pazan was awarded the second prize in a poster design contest back in his hometown of Cuenca, Ecuador. Even after he and his family immigrated to Canada in 1976, this one experience had ignited his interest to hone his artistic skills.

In 1994, he graduated from Toronto’s Academy of Merchandising and Design’s Computer Graphics Certificate Program and spent almost 17 years working as a graphic designer at the Toronto Star Newspaper. In 2014 Pazan opened Pazan Gallery in the scenic Village of Port Credit.

Utilizing a new mirrorless technology camera to capture his stunning images, Pazan’s latest photographs depict dramatic scenes of Port Credit and include his photo contributions to a group exhibit called “Morphology”, a group exhibition organized by the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel to record the transformation of the Lakeview waterfront.

For more information please visit

Candice Rice, Convenor


October 2018 – Nada Annan

–  Nada has been painting most of her life after graduating from college.
–  Studied art at Beirut Academy of Fine Art in Lebanon.
–  Attended several workshops with well known Canadian artists since 1989.

– Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Lebanon, England, Cyprus, United States (California) and Canada.
– Has been working as an art instructor at Visual Arts Mississauga since 2008.
– Has been representing Grumbacher (manufacturers of Grumbacher Art Supplies) at Michael’s for over six years.
– Has been giving private lessons in art (using both oil and acrylics), for more than fifteen years.
– Has been an active member of Mississauga Art Society since 2001, and its President for five years.

To purchase any of Nada’s paintings please email her at, or call her at 905-607-2196.

If you would like to see more of Nada’s work, please visit her website:

Candice Rice, Convenor


September 2018 – Mississauga Art Society

The Mississauga Art Society (MAS) was formed in 1955 and is one of the oldest art societies in the region. It is currently comprised of twenty-three fine artists who meet regularly to paint, share ideas and critique each other’s work. The group’s diversity is reflected in each member’s choice of medium, style and subject matter. Twice a year, members of MAS give live art demonstrations during its Spring and Fall shows to engage the community and inspire budding artists to pursue their passion.

Candice Rice, Convenor


Summer 2018 – Retrospective

This summer our Great Hall will be featuring work by our fabulous artists who have exhibited at UCM since September.  Some are new work, some may be favourites from the previous shows.

All art will be for sale as usual.  Paintings make unique wedding, anniversary and birthday gifts, so please think of our artists this summer when looking for a special present.

Candice Rice, Convenor


Kristina Kirkwood B.F.A.

Kristina Kirkwood developed her skills as a fine artist from an early age. She won drawing competitions as a young child. Her parents sent her to art based summer camps as a child and evening classes as a teenager at the Art Gallery of Burlington (formerly the Burlington Art Centre). Instructors there offered for her to attended adult drawing classes, and audit drawing courses at the University of Guelph at sixteen years of age.

Kristina completed her four year degree in Visual Art at York University in 1991. While at York she acquired experience in drawing and Print making; she enjoyed historical process photography also. She worked as a technician in the print making Studio as her interest in the many printing processes would keep her busy there most of her time.

Today her art has moved toward the textural and inventive applications of found objects melded into her work. Her inspiration comes from nature. She holds a reverence for nature and the common experience it provides for us all.

905-220-4980 (cell);

Janice Ykema

Janice grew up in Niagara-on-the-Lake, on her family’s farm and then graduated from OCADU University as a mature student in 2005. She has been actively painting since 2007. Janice’s medium is acrylic.

Her spirited brushstrokes, balance the fine line between abstraction and reality. Janice’s end goal with each piece, is to bring a sense of movement, life, humour, as well as character to her canvas. Janice often utilizes animals to achieve this objective through memories both personal and those which are widely familiar… Her self-imposed task as an artist is to present herself with different learning challenges. First, Janice says that “the continual cultivation of my skills makes each piece an exciting journey”. Secondly, Janice regularly submits her work to juried peer reviewed art shows as she feels that competition keeps her ‘present’ and this often proves to be the creative spark that results in pieces that are both unique and rewarding. Third, and most important, Janice’s creations end purpose is to create a connection with the viewer and provoke a smile or story that may change as the viewers mood itself changes, inviting them to come back and investigate and engage with it.

Janice has been in over 175 exhibitions including winning the ‘Peoples Choice Award’ in 2016 at the Mississauga Art Gallery’s Visual Arts Mississauga Juried Show, Best in Show for Colour and Form in 2017, Etobicoke Art Group Second Place 2017. In 2015 Janice achieved status as the *Royal Poster Artist* for the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.

Janice welcomes animal/pet commissioned paintings.,
289-680-0789 Leave mssg.

Susan Seagrove, B.Ed., M.F.A.

What has sometimes been considered a very formal medium has become much more experimental and expressive in the hands of numerous contemporary (and some not so contemporary) artists wishing to exploit the potential of watercolour.

My work will tell you that I happily follow in the footsteps of these experimenters! Although I began with acrylics, I have embraced watercolour, inks and other texture making materials in my pursuit of an experimental approach to image making.

My paintings began with my love of colour and my efforts to bring the garden into my home. Since then, my imagery has expanded as have my methods. I am still inspired by the garden as well as the unique qualities of watercolour itself and the ways it blends (or not!) with other materials to create amazing textures and numerous surprises. Although I have dabbled in realism, my true love is for abstraction and following the path that laying down layers of colour, shape and texture can lead.

My formal art training began  at the Ontario College of Art and Design and I have since participated in a variety of workshops to further develop my skills. I am recently retired from teaching with the Toronto District School Board, where I taught Visual Art, Ceramics and Photography. I have entered a number of juried exhibitions and mounted a one-woman show at Visual Arts Mississauga, where I am currently a member.

Nisreen Aksar

Nisreen Aksar is a well-known local artist in the city of Mississauga. Her paintings reflect her desire to show her interpretation of beauty around her. Her inspiration was her father who encouraged her from a very young age.

Nisreen graduated with honours in Fine Arts from Sheridan College, Oakville
Visual Art Diploma from the International Career School.

She is truly at peace when she is able to reflect the joy, colour and beauty of her surroundings and is thrilled to share that with her community through frequent art shows and events. Her work ranges from realistic to the abstract, and specializes in landscapes in various mediums (oil , acrylics and water colors).

Nisreen is an active member of the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga Arts Council and Visual Arts Mississauga.

Brenda Brown

Since she was very young, Brenda loved creating art. She is self-taught and enjoys working with a variety of mediums including acrylic, oils, watercolour, scratchboard and multimedia.

Brenda enjoys participating in several art associations and art tours including:
▪ Harbourside Painters of Canada – member for 7 years and Vice President for 1 year
▪ Fine Arts America -member for 8 years and featured artist several times
▪ The Women’s Art Association of Canada – Brenda’s art can be seen in the Dignam Gallery year round
▪ Toronto West Arts Collaborative (TWAC) – This is a new membership for Brenda and she looks forward to embracing the many opportunities offered to the group
▪ Arts on the Credit Tour – This event takes place in September each year

Brenda’s work has been chosen for many juried shows and many of her pieces hang in several international locations.

Part of Brenda’s artistic journey is to learn! She loves attending courses and seminars with many wonderful, talented art teachers, photographers and naturalists while learning techniques she incorporates into her own style.

In Brenda’s own words:  “I am passionate about what I do and I am confident it shows in my work!”

Twitter:       @BBrownArtist
Instagram: @blbrownartist

Sjon de Groot

Sjon de Groot principally works in oils, using a combination of traditional European and North American techniques. The work is bold and multi-dimensional, an expression in colour of a South African coming to terms with his adopted land; and combining his African and North American experience with the influence of his Dutch artist ancestors.

Defying genre, Sjon creates to his own agenda, using his art to express, question, and start conversations.

Originally trained by Geoffrey & Michael Armstrong at the JHB School of Art in South Africa, he completed many commissions for businesses and private collectors there, before immigrating to Canada in 1997. Now widely exhibited in Canada, his pieces have been purchased by many private and corporate buyers.

Ian Bradshaw

Born in Winnipeg, but raised in England, Ian found himself missing Canada and the prairies. Three weeks after completing his studies at North Staffordshires’ Polytechnique, Ian bought a one-way ticket back to Winnipeg.

Working as an engineering technologist with Federal Pioneer Electric, he was introduced to photography through the need to document high voltage experiments on 4×5” technical view cameras. Once his interest was piqued, Ian studied the work of other photographers such as Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, but also referred to painters such as the old masters, in order to learn what created “art”. This carried him into a career as a photographer, encompassing many endeavours such as photographing the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, working for the Winnipeg free press and Winnipegs Contemporary Dancers. One of his true passions, The Black Hole Theatre, still produces fine plays today.

Moving on to Ottawa he continued in photo journalism, but branched out into portraiture – photographing many federal Members of Parliament. Canadian Guide dogs for the blind one among many such worthy clients. National Art Center and Theatre Ballet of Canada. The opening of the Weston Hotel, a notable photo shoot with Le Groupe de la Place Royale. Garth Hampson and Christ Church Cathedral Choir among his favourite clients.

This all culminating in a long distance relationship with his now wife in Berlin, Germany. Here he spent some two years commuting between Germany and various Canadian cities.

This is where his current “Doors I have Met” series was conceived and realized.

After coming to Toronto in 2006, Ian decided to sell his own work, shot throughout Canada and parts of Europe. To this end he opened a small gallery in the St. Lawrence market, which he ran from 2006-2009. Since 2006 he has shown and sold his work in various places such as Ajax City Council, Oakville City Hall, Win Henstock Gallery, Kerr Village Art Gallery etc. He also participates in art shows such as Art in the Park Oakville and Dundas Art in the Park. Select smaller pieces are available in a handful of gift stores throughout the GTA – Hamilton.

Inspired by the old masters, Ian’s photographs are paintings of light – His favorite subject being the Canadian landscape in its many variations, though preferably in winter during extreme conditions.

Sereen Aziz

Sereen Aziz is a 17 year old student with a passion for art, as well as volunteering to help disadvantaged communities. Sereen volunteered with COSTI Immigrant Services to run a weekly children’s program for Syrian newcomers. At White Oaks Secondary School, Sereen studies in the French Immersion International Baccalaureate Art Program. Sereen has participated in art classes and camps since childhood and aspires to continue her studies and build a career as an artist. Throughout this year, Sereen has been commissioned to create several pieces of art. Her oil paintings and sketches of her parents’ homeland have been featured in the Toronto Metro News, as well as CBC News. Sereen has worked as a babysitter and English and math tutor. Currently, she is part of a group called Young Artists for Syria, a group in the community that creates art to raise money for Syria.

Valerie Barton

Valerie is a resident of Port Credit and has been enjoying painting for over twenty years. She studied watercolours and acrylics with many respected artists.
she describes herself  now as an eclectic artist because of the variety of subjects she likes to paint which includes landscapes particularly of Port Credit or from her trips abroad, seascapes, floras and nature and sometimes abstract along with commission works.

Several years ago she joined with three other artists known as “Painting Ladies” and their art has been exhibited successfully as a group or solo in local exhibits, community functions, stores and galleries throughout the GTA.

We seek to be ever-evolving in our understanding, open to new knowledge.




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