Introduction to Curiosity

Introduction to Curiosity

In Zen Buddhism, curiosity is part of the “beginner’s mind”, that openness to experience, to question rather then judge, to approach situations without pre-conceptions. It helps us stay open to the new, the challenging, to others. Philosopher Francoise Sagan says that curiosity is the beginning of wisdom.

Curiosity seems to me to be a fundamental trait of Unitarian Universalism. Proto-Unitarians were curious about the nature of God. Unitarians and Universalists were both curious about the nature of belief, the usefulness of creeds, and the meaning of the sacred. Our curiosity led us to understand God in new ways, and a willingness to do church differently. These days our curiosity comes out in our openness to learn from each other and share our own stories. Who knows where the people of the chalice will go next?

This month as we explore what it means to be people of curiosity, I invite you to consider the role curiosity plays in your life. Where gifts has curiosity given you?




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