Especially for Families – Flow

Especially for Families - Flow


Flow, Flow,Flow

Join a group of adventurous children on their ever-changing journey across
the sea in this delightfully illustrated book that playfully teaches
impermanence, change, and acceptance.
Four children set off on a magical voyage of imagination. Along the way, to no
destination in particular, they meet walrus ice cream vendors, lemurs and
tigers living in harmony, helpful octopi and more. As the scenery changes, our
travelers learn to go with the flow, welcoming each new experience for what
it is in the moment, and accepting when those experiences drift away, to be replaced with a whole new adventure.

I Am Yoga

A young girl explains why she does yoga and describes each move as she does them.

“I can sail on the sea./ I go with the flow” accompanies The Boat Pose.
“I can carry beauty with me./ I am full”; with a Bow/Basket Pose.

Fun to read, the narration encourages movement, and the author note and information on each pose at the end of the book are great teaching tools. Verdict: A delightful introduction to the subject as well as a wonderful read-aloud for movement and mindfulness.
Jane Hebert, Glenside Public Library District, Glendale Heights, IL


The Big Orange Splot
by Daniel Manus Pinkwater
When Mr. Plumbean’s house is splashed with bright orange paint, he decides a multi-colored house would be a nice change. A favorite story of creativity and expression.



Ebb & Flow

Written by Heather Smith

Last year, Jett and his mother had moved to a new town for a fresh start after his father went to jail. But Jett soon learned that fresh starts aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. When he befriended a boy with a difficult home life, Jett found himself in a cycle of bad decisions that culminated in the betrayal of a friend – a shameful secret
he still hasn’t forgiven himself for. Will a summer spent with his unconventional grandmother help Jett find his way to redemption?





Learn how to raise your energy and face your day with this exercise. Have fun with it!
This video comes from GoNoodle’s Flow channel. Flow gets kids to relax, think positive, and flow with mindfulness exercises.



Do you remember that moment when creativity and productivity sprung from your mind smoothly?
According to psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, this state is called flow, and it is an important contributor to creativity and well-being. Susan K. Perry, Ph.D., is a writer, novelist, and social psychologist and offers tips for helping your (or any) child get the benefits of entering and staying longer in the flow zone:

Part 1 at Psychology Today

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