Questions on Sanctuary

Questions on Sanctuary

Whether you participate in a theme group, or are exploring Sanctuary on your own, don’t try to answer all these questions.  Chose one that stands out for you and consider it several times over the month.  Journal or make notes if that is helpful.  Try to go deeper with the question on each revisit, provide more detail or create more clarity.

What does sanctuary feel like to you?  Describe with as much detail as possible. It might be a person, a place, an experience, or some combination.

Who has most shaped your understanding of sanctuary? Which of their “lessons” is most relevant to you today?

Which of your homes has felt most like “home”?  How did you create a home that was also a sanctuary?  Is your home still a sanctuary?

Some say sanctuary is not a place but “the love between us.” How that been true for you? Does your person of sanctuary know that they are a source of sanctuary for you?

What do you want your children or grandchildren to know about “sanctuary”?  Tell them a story about your own experience of sanctuary.



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