The Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga has various committees that perform the work of the congregation.  Permanent committees are divides into four teams: The Administrative Team, The Education and Exploration Team, the Membership Team and the Communications Team.  Various ad-hoc committees formed by the Board to carry out specific functions from time to time.

New volunteers are welcome to join committees at any time.    

Administrative Team

The Administrative Team: Canvass Committee, Finance Committee, Personnel Committee, Property Committee,  Rental Committee, Fundraising Coordination Committee.

Mission:         The Administrative Cluster coordinates programs which primarily involve the ongoing administrative functions that make the congregation operate efficiently and smoothly.

Membership Team

The Membership Team:Caring Circle,. Membership, Fellowship, PODS.

Mission:The Membership Team coordinates the inner life of the congregation and tends to the needs of members, friends and visitors to make UCM a welcoming and caring community. 

Education and Exploration Team

The Education and Exploration Team:   Adult Education CommitteeDenominational Affairs CommitteeSpiritual Exploration Committee, Worship Committee, Social Responsibility Committee,  Mark DeWolfe Social Action Award Committee, Librarian(s)

Mission:The Education and Exploration Team coordinates programs and activities provide for spiritual growth and learning and encourage us to live our Unitarian values in the greater community.


There are many ways to support the ongoing work of the Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga:

    • By making a contribution to the Offering collected at each Sunday service
    • By making an annual pledge to our Canvass that is conducted in October and November of each year
    • By contributing and participating in various fundraising events such as the Festive Fair or Time and Talent auction
    • By making a bequest to UCM
    • By volunteering your time and talent to the congregation!



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