Art in the Hall - April 2017 - Layal’s Art Group

Lalayalyal’s Art Group

This group of friends have been meeting on a weekly basis at Layal’s studio for over ten years. Between the laughter and chats the group manages to create art pieces that are unique to each individual’s style and inspiration. This group paints for the love of art, and has no care to what is trendy or fashionable. Their painting is an expression of their vision of realty expressed on canvas.

What you will notice in most of the exhibited pieces is the dominance of strong primary colors and emphasis on landscape and architectural details, both of which are a signature style of this group.

Getting together every week to paint motivates them and helps them create and practice different techniques. Although each artist has his or her distinct style, they all share in their love for art and in the promotion of an art culture in our city, whether through art shows, new artists or interesting art events. They believe that there is an artist in everyone!

We always welcome new members!


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